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George Soros’ Take on China’s Economy


During a recent Asia Society forum that was held in New York City, George Soros was among the key panelists. He was quick to compare the crisis that China is facing to the global financial crisis that hit the United States in the years 2007-2008. Currently in China the banking system is facing numerous challenges. The banks are experiencing high amounts of debts on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros and they are literally lending to one another to keep each other afloat. The total number amount of loans exceed the number of deposits from the banks’ customers.

China’s financial stability has raised a lot of concerns from the global financial world. George Soros is joined together with Andrew Colquhoun who is the Head of Asia Pacific Sovereigns. He too is concerned with the stability Chinas’ economy, saying that the confidence that people once had in China’s economy is coming to an end. The United Sates has come to the aid of China. It has entered into agreements and partnerships on http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-04-20/soros-says-china-s-debt-fueled-economy-resembles-u-s-in-2007-08 with its government in order to build up the credibility of its banking system.

Though George Soros and other international entrepreneurs are casting doubt in China’s banking system, there are those who maintain that what China is facing is just the common challenges that any banking system facing. The actions and attitudes towards Chin have been described as overrated.
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George Soros was born in Hungary in the year 1930. Due to the Nazi regime in his country, he fled and went to England in the year 1947. He enrolled into the London School of Economics where he managed to graduate successfully. Upon graduating from the London School of Economics, he started his financial career on https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros at a merchant bank in London in 1954 until 1956. He later moved to F.M Mayer where he gained a wealth of experience in European stocks.

Upon moving to the United States, he established the Double Eagle hedge fund that ultimately led to the creation of Soros Fund Management in the year 1970. He has been described as a philanthropist due to Open Society Foundations which he established in the year 1970. Through Open Society, Soros has managed to successfully sponsor black students to study in Cape Town University. Open Society is also dedicated towards promoting transparency, democracy and recognition of human rights all over the world.

He is a believer of open societies and through Open Society Foundation, George Soros has been able to contribute to political debates and promotion of democracy. Due to his knowledge and experience, George Soros has authored various books on politics and entrepreneurship. Major magazines and newspapers have also published his articles and this has enabled him to successfully give his opinions and views on business investments and the society at large. 

Future for Venezuela Looks Bleak


A recent article in the Miami Herald reports that Venezuela is approaching a major collapse. One of the major sources are from twitter, which shared the article’s prediction in a report just released by the International Monetary Fund that projects that Venezuela will reach an incredible inflation rate of potentially 720 percent this year. What this means is that Venezuela is on the brink of hyper-inflation, which is a serious state of economic disarray when the country’s currency basically has no value at all.
In addition to the impending economic turmoil in the country, President Nicolas Maduro may have a real political crisis on his hands. Given the concerns stated by Manuel Gonzalez over the unstable economy and lack of prospects for sustainable growth, President Maduro may face a coup before the next scheduled presidential elections, which are now set for 2019. As frustration and uncertainty over the future of Venezuela mount, political analysts are concerned that a military coup is a very real possibility to over throw President Maduro well before the next presidential elections. The current mainstream predictions are that the greatest threat of a military coup would likely come from the Chavista army officers who have been vocal about their distrust of President Maduro and frustration regarding what they perceive as his lack of competence and experience necessary to run the country, or at least prevent it from a total meltdown.

Treating Your Dog Like a Family Member Means Feeding Him Like One Too


Dog food is no longer the hard, cardboard looking kibble that we used to feed our loved companions. New innovations in the dog food industry have led to a boom in production of high quality, premium dog food that is so good you might even want to eat it yourself. Dog food companies are stepping up the quality of production and eschewing additives and preservatives, to bring dogs a more healthy and natural dog food.
Different dog food manufacturers have been using quality ingredients like salmon and lamb and offering grain-free kibble for years. Unfortunately for the average consumer, buying these types of dog food meant a trip to a specialty store and a big hit to the wallet. Fortunately, traditional pet-food makers are now offering healthier varieties of pet-food that can easily be purchased at your local grocery store.

Purinastore’s Beneful dog food line taps into the popular industry trend of Paleo Diets for pets. Meaning, feed your dog what his ancestors were eating in the wild including fresh meat mixed with natural ingredients like spinach and sweet potatoes. This provides a diet that more resembles the natural eating habits of dogs. Beneful’s dry dog food Originals line boasts ingredients like salmon, chicken and beef mixed with healthy ingredients like green beans and carrots. It provides omega-rich nutrition and 100% of the nutrients dogs need everyday.

An article in the Daily Herald detailed this new trend on twitter of high quality dog food. As pet owners are becoming more health conscious of their own diets, they are realizing that their pets needs high quality nutrition too. Treating Fido like a member of the family means feeding him like one. Purina’s Beneful Incredibites is made with real beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. That sounds like a combination fit for the family table.

Feeding your dog healthy food that smells more like people food than stinky canned dog food can hit your wallet pretty hard. Luckily Beneful provides a healthy, nutrient rich dog food that won’t break the bank. Beneful has all this while helping your pooch maintain a shiny coat, healthy skin, and increased alertness. Beneful is available for order online: http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I

What’s in a Mane




Poor Justin Bieber has now been criticized again—this time for an act of “cultural appropriation,” or something you might call hair imperialism. Curiously, he has gotten in trouble for showing up with his hair in dreadlocks, something rock and roll performers have been getting away with since the 1990s. Miley Cyrus has, of course, also faced criticism for the very same thing. There is a strange bifurcation between the reactions received by performers who adopt these styles for visual effect, and those who have been attracted by the music of traditional black performers. Nobody criticized the Red Hot Chili Peppers for covering James Brown and Parliament/Funkadelic. And checking out a catalogue of influences behind the Rolling Stones reads like an all-star team of black rhythm and blues.


Through an interesting juxtaposition of events, a retrospective exhibition of Rolling Stones memorabilia has opened at the Saatchi Gallery, in London. The exhibit is called Exhibitionism, and offers a look into the band’s fifty year career. Included in the retrospective are re-creations of concert backstages, dressing rooms and even an apartment from the band’s early days. Musical instruments, stage costumes, and collaborations with writers and visual artists are also part of the showing.

For the curious and curio-minded, you can visit the show’s Facebook page here.

Should you wish to view some smart clothes that are always display worthy, you should venture over to justfab.com. There you will find a beautiful array of modern styles—and be sure to take the online quiz, so your fashions can be personalized by the store’s dedicated stylists. More than likely you will want to bookmark the page since exploring the site is going to take longer than just a few minutes. Check them out on Instagram.

First Lady Michelle Obama Wows At The White House State Dinner In A Jason Wu Gown


Michelle Obama will probably go down in history as one of the most stylish First Ladies that the United States of America has ever known. Whether Michelle Obama is dressed in orange while watching her husband Barack Obama deliver the State Of The Union speech to the nation or stepping off a plane in style, she always looks amazing. First Lady Obama’s effortless and pristine sense of style has been turning heads ever since she first came to the White House and her most recent high profile style choice is no difference.

According to People Magazine, Michelle Obama left fashion lovers everywhere breathless after she stepped out in a lovely custom-made gown. The Obamas held a state dinner at the White House in honor of the recently elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau. While the President looked dapper in a black tuxedo, the First Lady looked like a vision in the strapless gown that she chose for the occasion. Her gown was a custom design made by Canadian designer Jason Wu. The gown was a dark blue avant-garde take on the intricate jacquard trend. The dress was covered with a bold pale pink, red and yellow floral print that, according to People, walked down the runway (in a different cut) as a part of Jason Wu’s most recent collections during fashion week on Retailmenot. Mrs. Obama paired her beautifully-designed dress with a bouncy, full hairdo and her signature bare arms.

The Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia, appear to have inherited their mother’s signature sense of style. The girls also drew attention for the stunning gowns they wore to the White House State dinner. According to the Fashion Times on crunchbase.com both of the dresses worn by Sasha and Malia Obama were designed by Naeem Khan. Sasha wore a floor-length light brown gown that was encrusted with opulent metallic beading. Malia wore a nude, burgundy and black dress embroidered with lace floral patterns. Malia and Sasha kept their hairdos simple with Malia opting for loose shoulder-length curls and Sasha choosing a braided hairdo.

Digital style brand JustFab can help its customers develop a sense of style that is just as elegant and effortless as that of Michelle Obama and her daughters. JustFab is an online subscription service that enables customers to get quality clothes that fit their sartorial sensibilities at a discount. JustFab has been in operation since 2010 and has worked hard to successfully establish itself
as a trustworthy online brand. JustFab works to deliver value to its customers in ways that traditional fashion retailers are unable to. It does this by offering a service that is more convenient and personalized than the competitors. JustFab delivers value and affordable fashions to customers with a variety of sensibilities.

5 of the Best Beneful Dog Food’s


Beneful Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food

Beneful healthy puppy dry dog food is packed with calcium and other important vitamins and nutrients a healthy puppy needs to grow. It also contains DHA which will help your puppy develop it’s vision and supports the growth of the brain. This brand of Beneful is made with real chicken and contains real vegetables like carrots and peas.

Beneful Originals Dry Dog Food

This Purinastore made brand of Beneful is made with real salmon, carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes. This food helps your dog to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat. It is packed with omega’s and other important nutrients to keep your dog healthy every day.

Beneful Chopped Blends Wet Dog Food

Beneful’s wet blends chopped dog food looks like real food. You can actually see the vegetables so you know what you are feeding your dog is wholesome. Packed with all the vitamins and nutrients your dog needs it features real chicken and liver along with real vegetables like sweet potatoes, brown rice, and peas.

Beneful Incredibles Wet Dog Food

This wet dog food is perfect for your small dog. Cut into tiny manageable pieces, it gives your best friend the protein rich nutrition he craves. All the vitamins and minerals your adult dog needs in one package. It is made with real chicken, carrots, tomatoes, and wild rice.

Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges Dog Treats.

Help your dog to fight tarter and plaque buildup with these delicious treats. They can also help your pooch freshen his breath and keep his teeth and bones there strongest. These treats from Beneful.com feature meaty middles and real parsley. They come in all sizes so you can find the perfect treat for your small or large dog.

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