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George Soros


The infamous George Soros recently wrote an article for Project Syndicate. In the article, Soros’ main point was that President Vladimir Putin is not an ally to the west against ISIS. Soros said that the European Union and the United States of American are making a mistake by trusting that President Putin is on their side in their war on ISIS.

Soros explains that there is plenty of evidence that shows the contrary. In fact, Putin’s aim is to ensure that the European Union falls a part and he has stumbled upon a good way to do that: further the refugee crisis in Syria so that they flood Europe at a rate that is not absorbable.

While the President of Russia may say that he is also fighting ISIS, he is instead harming the Syrian civilians. He has sent planes to bomb them in both southern and norther Syria. These attacks have cause tens of thousands of civilians to flee for safer areas, like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. There are thousands of these civilians who are forced to camp outside of these countries, hoping that they are admitted. Putin has even somewhat teamed up with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. While Putin launched an air attack on the northern region of Syria, al-Assad ordered a ground assault

Soros wrote this article because he wants to protect the European Union. He believes in the principles and ideals set forth by them. Forbes billionaire Soros has been leading the fight for more open societies, like the one that has been created by the European Union for decades. Soros credits his childhood as the factor that stimulated him to fight for equality and more open societies that protect their citizens and the citizens of the world.

Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. His family was Jewish and due to the Nazi occupation during his childhood, the lived in fear. The occupation ended when World War II came to a close, however, the Nazis were replaced by the communist regime. The oppression forced Soros to flee to London, England in 1947. Soros created a life for himself in London by taking jobs as a waiter and railroad porter. He then attended the London School of Economics. Soros graduated in 1952 and went to work for a London investment bank in an entry level position. 4 years later, Soros immigrated to The United States of America, where he worked in New York in investment management and analyst positions.

Soros had a long line of significant success, which allowed him to retire and pursue his passion of philanthropy. He founded the Open Society Foundations and has dedicated his life to making the world much better.





As global health authorities around the world race to deal with the onset of the Zika virus, some health officials are worried that a panic can cause far more than good. ZIKA VIRUS SHOULD NOT BE FEARED Officials with the BIll and Melinda Gates Foundation have cautioned that rampant fear about the virus will only cause the misallocation of resources and liken the fear associated with the virus to the early onset of the HIV/AIDS virus.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is world renowned for their work in targeting the eradication of Malaria and other viruses carried by mosquitos. Fears regarding the Zika virus have reached frenzied heights after the once obscured virus suddenly appeared in record numbers in Brazil, spurring health experts like Sergio Cortes to educate the public on the symptoms. Various cases, which were identified in the United States as well as parts of Europe, have health officials struggling to stayed ahead of the spread of the virus, as well as the information challenge in notifying people how to protect them selves without causing a panic.

Many believe that the fear about the virus is justly applied as countries such as Brazil and other South American countries issue advisories against child birth for at least two years. Medical staff are also trying to determine how best to treat a person once they become infected with the virus.

Modern Family Star Refuses To Cover Up Surgery Scars


“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter was at the center of a controversy following her decision not to cover up the scars from her recent breast reduction surgery, The Los Angeles Times reports. The 18 year old actress was criticized in some quarters of the media and social media for wearing a low cut gown on the red carpet for the SAG Awards that revealed the scars from the surgery she underwent in June 2015.

In response to the criticism the “Sofia The First” voice actress received she responded to Jon Urbana via Twitter by stating she felt the scars were part of her and should not be hidden. The criticism came days after the actress, who plays Alex Dunphy on “Modern Family”, celebrated her birthday with cast and family members. Winter had revealed at the time of the surgery she had felt self conscious about her body before undergoing the breast reduction surgery to aid her level of confidence as she enters adulthood.

North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park Shares Her Harrowing Story


Yeonmi Park was unlucky to be born in an environment and atmosphere that mostly consisted of brutality. She was born in the Northern part of Korea close to the Chinese boarder. The atmosphere of the Kim dictators was both paranoid and brutal. Unbelievably, she survived even the worst of her experiences at the hands of merciless people. In her autobiography, named In Order to Live, she narrates of her perseverance in a hunger-stricken community, her defection and also about how she ended up being trafficked by gangsters in northern China. It takes exceptional courage and strength for her to survive the awful incidents. In 2007, Yeonmi crossed Yalu River with her mother at night with her mother. This was during the beginning of harrowing. In years, they had to travel across China across a desert to get to South Korea. It is during this time that she suffered constant abuse and starvation.

Unfortunately, Yeonmi’s father travelled to be with her but died of cancer. During her interview with Youngvoicesadvocates she narrates how her father died without the knowledge of the kind of democracy in the world. She also explains that she escaped would have stayed in Korea she had things she needed to survive. She says how writing the book helped her put behind her past. She also explains how badly her privacy and dignity as a woman were violated. Additionally, Yeonmi park explains in Youtube.com, how Korean women were ill-treated in China. Besides these, she gives incidents of how men disrespected women and only viewed them to gain pleasure. Yeonmi explains how she found herself in complex circumstances and situations. For example, a violent gangster who apparently fell in love with her helped her to escape. She feels that the man was a bad person while on the other hand; the same gangster helped her escape. Yeonmi also explains in her interview how they would not let there be oppressors and law breakers in North Korea in 5o years. Yeonmi also confirms that her story is true regardless of propaganda about her being satirical and a liar. She hopes that the book will be instrumental in bringing light to the darkest parts of the world. Finally, she insists that no one is justified to treat others inhumanely.



Closer SEC Inspection for CCOs including Helane Morrison


CCO groups stated that members were feeling vulnerable, and they’re expecting more inspections in 2016. SEC officials have not said anything about how they view CCO at money management firms yet. However, more scrutiny means that there might be some changes in the role of compliance officers. Today, we will be looking more closely at CCO groups and in particular, Helane Morrison.

Past Cases

Back in April, the SEC officials charged BLK Advisers LLC compliance officer who did not have policies for the outside activities of employees. This same advisor also failed to disclose the business interest of a top-performing portfolio manager. In June, SEC charged SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprises and its CCO because they failed to implement some policies, filling a misstatement in a form as well as failing to do an annual review. Both cases were settled out of court for cash settlements.

Policies and Enforcement

There are more than 8,000 enforcement actions done since 2003, and only five were against individuals who have the title of CCO. The SEC enforcement director stated that they always try to be fair and every case; they only charged CCOs who have crossed a clear line. CCOs are going to be watched all time. This is why it is important to choose the best person available to the chief compliance officers; it is a very important job.

Hall Capital’s CCO

Helane Morrison is the CCO, General Counsel and Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is one of the best CCOs out there because before, she was the head of SEC’s San Francisco Office from 1999 until 2007. In 1996 until 1999, Morrison was the head of enforcement for the San Francisco SEC Office. Before 1996, she was a lawyer who sometimes represented clients who are sued by the SEC itself.

Morrison is also a speaker on topics like legal issues and compliances that affects investment advisers. She graduated from the University of California that is located in Berkeley. Morrison’s past experiences guarantees that she will do a excellent job as a CCO with a bright future ahead of her. You can keep up with Helane on her LinkedIn and Crunchbase profiles.


Some people are worried that the scrutiny of CCOs can backfire to the agency. The amount of compliance professionals might decrease, and problems could go unchecked. SEC proposed a program that requires a third-party review for money managers. The scrutiny of CCOs is the reason why only the best like Helane Morrison should be chosen as CCO to prevent troubles.