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Economic Expert George Soros Feels the Current Market Resembles 2008 Conditions


With an estimated net worth of $24 billion, George Soros is a widely respected expert in the field of the financial markets. Soros has earned this respect through his various financial dealings, his generous philanthropy, and his overall life story. Soros has overcome a lot in his life to get to where he is today. Born in Budapest in 1930, he lived through the stark period where his home country was simply a puppet regime for the Nazi worldview. After World War II the country was dominated by communism, so George elected to flee for England. After graduating from the London School of Economics, he settled in the United States and steadily accumulated a massive fortune primarily because of the international investment fund which he founded.

Because George Soros has been so successful in the financial realm, when he makes a prediction about the financial markets people have a tendency to take notice. Recently, Soros has made some rather troubling predictions and comparisons that many would do well to take heed on. Earlier this month, Soros stated that he sees a crisis in the current global market that in his mind is reminscent of the 2008 market conditions.

In a nutshell, Soros feels that the current global financial climate is very conducive to a market crash that would be very similar to the 2008 crisis. George Soros told Bloomberg and a worldwide economic forum in Sri Lanka that investors would do well to be very cautious at this present date and time. Soros pointed out the fact that China is having difficulty finding a new growth model and said that could lead to a domino effect throughout the rest of the world. China’s economy has a number of question marks because it is presently in the process of shifting away from an investment and manufacturing style to more of a focus on consumption and services.

Indeed, there are a number of signs out there that would complement Soro’s suggestion that now is a time for investors to be cautious. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatily Index, better known as the “fear gauge” is up this year 13 percent. An index which measures the cost of protection on Japanese shares is up 43 percent and there is also a Merril Lynch price swing estimation of Treasury Bonds that has risen 5.7 percent. Data released earlier this year is also pointing to a sluggish manufacturing sector. Thus, Soros would once again appear to be right on target with his estimation that 2016 is a year that could be just as financially treacherous and uncertain as 2008.

Andie MacDowell’s Epic American Airline Rant


Actress Andie MacDowell took to social media last week after she received the injustice of being denied an expensive service that she paid for. MacDowell’s handling of the situation warranted her just as much backlash from the public as did the service she obtained. The Four Weddings and a Funeral actress was on a first-class flight when she was suddenly bumped to economy class.

MacDowell took to her Twitter account to air her frustration.

“HELP!” she wrote. “I was first class on a flight that I had pre-booked and paid for but they moved me to tourist class. Because of my dog!”

MacDowell was traveling on an American Airlines flight being piloted by Jon Urbana on January 22 when the incident occurred. Some of the starlet’s followers sympathized with her, while others were not as pleasant. A number of folks lashed back at MacDowell for her choice of words. MacDowell took a moment to defend herself.

“I didn’t mean to imply that I am superior, I’m not,” MacDowell wrote. “I want what I paid for and that was first class. It’s very expensive. I just thought saying ‘tourist’ sounded more exotic than saying ‘coach’.”

Others still were quick to defend the actress.

“I’m not defending her,” one follower wrote. “I think that ‘tourist’ was a poor choice of words. She just deserves to get exactly what she paid for.”

MacDowell,an animal lover, was traveling with her Chihuahua at the time. Her labrador, Spinee, underwent major surgery on January 26 and is recovering.

Shaygan Kheradpir and Coriant: The Perfect Pairing of Telecom Expertise


The telecommunication company Coriant is a well-known innovator of networking solutions. Their business is designed to make it easier for other businesses to thrive in the modern world by making telecom systems more affordable, faster and more reliable. This company is the result of the merging of Nokia Siemens Networks, Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. Much more than the name of the business has changed. Today the company is thriving thanks to the new talent they have leading the company from the top.


Shaygan Kheradpir is currently heading Coriant as their CEO. London-born Kheradpir holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He began his career in 1987, working for GTE Laboratories. He expanded his resume more with positions at Barclays, Verizon and most recently, Juniper. He was consistently promoted while at each of these companies and received much praise for his efforts in technological developments. Many of these companies most innovative software programs and technological developments were in part due to the imagination and talent of Kheradpir.


In 2013, Kheradpir took the reins at Coriant and is continuing to look for ways to keep the company ahead of the telecom crowd. Much of the interest in this business is its ability to stay ahead of the competition by providing more affordable and effective solutions for voice, data and mobile networks. The company believes that the 28 years of experience that Kheradpir brings with him as a technology leader will benefit the company immensely. To date, that seems to have been true as Coriant is already considered to be a global leader in the telecom industry.

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Wikipedia Writing For Business Owners: Hire Get Your Wiki Writers


Wikipedia is a wonderful online resource that provides detailed information of scores of different topics. Virtually anything and everything under the sun is covered on Wikipedia. Most interestingly, Wikipedia is community written and edited. The people who run Wikipedia do not hire professional writers to produce content. Ironically, hiring Wikipedia writers is what those who run a business should do when they are wish to publish an effective Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is not a directory for commercially-driven articles. Honestly, the search engines would never support Wikipedia with high rankings in the results if the online encyclopedia was shilling for companies. The integrity of the content of the site is what allows it to thrive online. This doesn’t mean businesses, entrepreneurs, or other commercial entities are barred from publishing a Wikipedia page. Famous businesses and business persons are the subject of many Wiki entries.

In order for the page to be allowed to remain online, however, the work must not be promotional or commercial in nature. Historical and factual text is perfectly acceptable. This text, upon being indexed by the search engines, then serves promotional benefits to the business being written about. The key here is the writing has to fit into the rules of the site. If not, then the material is rife for re-editing or, worse, removal.

Working with a professional Wikipedia writing service ensures the writing and editing decisions are within the hands of the client. Rather than wonder whether or not the rules are being followed, it would be better to simply ask a solid professional Wikipedia writing service to make a Wikipedia page. Professional Wikipedia writers are prone to producing content that fails to meet the online encyclopedia’s rules and requirements. When the client has business purposes in mind, the writers walk a fine line highlighting traits customers find appealing while avoiding being too promotional.

The quality of the writing is going to be more than acceptable. Writers who are continually crafting content for the site know what reads well and what is engaging. The content they produce is going to be far from dull and is designed to grab visitors landing on the page. Businesses definitely are going to get good results from expertly crafted writing.

Get Your Wiki is one writing service worth considering by businesses interested in publishing a solid page. Get Your Wiki has produced a great deal of content for businesses and does so while meeting Wikipedia’s strict and high standards.

Sergio Cortes Masters The Art of Imitating MJ


There have been a ton of entertainers that specialize in impersonating Michael Jackson. It’s easy for people to recognize an MJ impersonator because Jackson was so over-the-top. He wore elaborate costumes for different numbers and made history with dance moves that would be connected to his name. What Sergio has done is manage to provide a tribute show that pulls out all the stops.

The Brazilian Dino website makes mention of how Sergio is humbled to pay homage to his idol. The article posted on Dino references the early stages where people asked him to dress up like MJ when he was a teenager. He went to being paid for simply dressing up like Jackson to actually performing as Jackon.

It is easy to imagine Sergio Cortes getting paid to appear as the pop icon that was known as Michael Jackson. The striking resemblance is simply amazing. Most fans that see Sergio dressed as Jackson are floored. It is like they have to do a double take because they may feel like they are looking at a ghost. That is just how close the resemblance is. There are numerous videos on YouTube that show fans screaming for the impersonator as he walks through cities because he looks so much like Michael.

The appreciation of Michael Jackson fans is something that continues on social media. Sergio has thousands of followers on social media. He loves to perform, and many of his performances are captured in photos on Facebook. People get the chance to see what he really looks like on stage. This has lead a lot of people to follow him and introduce him to others outside of Brazil.

It is evident that Sergio Cortes has a strong Brazilian following because this is his native land. It is surprising, however, to see how so many people from America have found Sergio. Americans are finding out about the tribute shows, and some people even want to see him come to America. It has been stated that Sergio Cortes would make a great Las Vegas act even though Vegas already has the Michael Jackson Experience show. Sergio is among the best in the MJ impersonation arena so he could be provide something new and exciting to the city of Las Vegas. Sergio continues to get even better as more people find out about this tribute shows. He is carrying the MJ torch well.

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New York City Financial Expert Sam Tabar


Financial matters are not always easy to manage. Many people find it helps them to work with someone who knows the field of financial and understands it well. A skilled business lawyer with a background in the field of both law and finance can help any person get the kind of help they need to get the results they want from their working capital. A business lawyer can provide all kinds of important advice including advice about the right kinds of investments as well as ways to help shelter any income earned from taxes and other possible liabilities.

Someone who has chosen to specialize in the field of business law is New York City based lawyer Sam Tabar. Tabar is one of the most respected lawyers in New York with many years of experience in the field of business law. His background in this field has helped him provide the kind of assistance that his clients need in order to get the kind of results that allow them to function well in the business world. Tabar has done a great deal to help both companies and specific individuals work within the parameters of the legal field in United States.

Tabar grew up in the United Kingdom. His academic grades were excellent, enabling him to attend Oxford University. Here, he graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in law. After leaving the United Kingdom, he earned his law degree at Columbia University in the United States as Sam’s About.me page showcases. While there, he was an associate editor at one of the university’s publications. Since that time, Tabar has focused his attention on developing his career here and working to serve the needs of his clients in this area. He has worked with many important legal clients in the course of his career including Bank of America.

His major area of focus in recent years has been the development of his own private practice FullCycle Fund, an area that he hopes will help him provide the kind of services his clients need in order to help them figure out how best to work closely within the framework of the legal system. He knows that his clients look to him to make sure they have the best possible legal help. He also knows that clients rely on him in the event of legal crisis that may require skilled legal representation in order to untangle and help solve very effectively.

Steelers New Fashion Line and Website a Touchdown with Fans


The Pittsburg Steelers are one of the most storied franchises in football history. With that legacy comes an eager, loyal fanbase, and a lot of pressure to deliver awesome things for hungry fans. When it comes to this, the 2015-2016 Steelers have created a brand new line of fashion merchandise for all their fans. What’s truly unique about this fashion line is it really does seem to be for all of their fans. Whereas many teem merchandise for professional NFL teams are male-centric, simple, and narrow in their focus, the new Steelers line is stylish, unique, and most importantly, something the fans have been asking for. This change was spearheaded by Steeler’s Director of Strategic Planning, Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla specified the Steeler’s new and innovative approach to fan merchandising with a seemingly novel idea: interact with the fanbase to find out what their needs are. She asked mom’s and women, and working men what they most wanted to see out of the Steelers new fashion line and the new line’s success only makes sense due to this. Susan McGalla is no stranger to successful popular retail. She has previously been the CEO of Wet Seal and was the President of American Eagle. Taking this experience into the Steelers she created a new line of clothing, that has become very popular. Susan McGalla, graduate of Mount Union College, used her sense of popular clothing brands and transferred it to the Pittsburgh Steelers new clothing line. Her successes according to wikinvest in the past with other companies, as well as her newfound success with this popular sports fashion line is telling of the business and marketing guru’s on wikipedia with passion and ability to do wonderful things with clothing brands. So, this and next season, expect and influx of increasingly diverse and good looking merchandise to be coming out of the Steeler’s fanbase.

From Rags To Riches With Marcio Alaor


According to the blog that was set up by Marcio Alaor he started his career at BMG as one of the lowest people on the totem pole. He started out as a shoe shiner and worked his way to the top from there. He is currently the vice president of the company and has taken his hard work to the next step and dedicated his life’s work to the bank. He has been able to do so through the way that he showed off his skills.

Alaor’s mentor, Dr. Wilmar, has talked about the way that Marcio Alaor was one of the best workers that the company had ever seen. Wilmar met Alaor when Marcio was only a shoe shiner and he was the best shoe shiner that Dr. Wilmar had ever met. Marcio Alaor took a lot of pride in his job even though it was somewhat of a culturally deficient job. He knew that he needed to be proud of the work that he did and ensured that he did the best job possible, even if he was only working to make the shoes of others look better. Dr. Wilmar took an interest in him.

According to exame.com, Dr. Wilmar started talking with Marcio Alaor and quickly learned that he had high aspirations for the work that he was going to do during his life. He tried to give Marcio Alaor the best opportunities possible but he did not want to do anything to disrupt the work ethic that he saw in Alaor. He chose to give him a job in a low paying position with the bank. This entry-level position would give Alaor the chance to succeed but would not cause him to stop working as hard as he had while he was a shoe shiner for the people who were executives of the company.

During his time at the position that he started out in at the bank, Marcio Alaor continued to work very hard to get where he wanted to be. He wanted to make sure that he was doing the best job possible and used all of his skills to find out what he needed to know. From that point on, he never stopped working hard and always used his skills to ensure that he was giving people a great deal of service. This allowed him to propel up the chain of command at the bank.

Excellent Protein Sources Increase Pet Food Quality And Profit


The next evolution in dog food manufacturing and distribution is inspired by a consumer-driven quest for healthy kibble that tastes like, and retains the nutrition of, real protein sources. This means that high quality dog food is quickly changing from the normal off-putting appearance and smell of traditional products, to nearly gourmet level delights. Brands like Beneful are realizing that real meat proteins are undeniably the best nutrition sources for pets who rely on their products. Though the addition of quality beef, chicken, lamb, and fish proteins are becoming harder and harder to secure for pet food ingredients, the commitment to quality is first priority. Beneful, a flagship pet food manufacturer of the Nestle Group, has bolstered its commitment to including only whole meat protein sources in its dog food labels. With the nearly $24 billion pet product market open for the best pet food producers to take advantage of, there’s no reason not to guarantee a pet food line that doesn’t exceed customer expectations. Beneful is an example of a company that is influencing the way in which all pet products of the future are produced. With real meat and human-quality ingredients now being used for the next generation of pet foods, pet nutrition and health design is a real option for owners. Not only are essential pet nutrient needs being met, but specialized regimens are also a possibility. Pure source proteins and other minerals and vitamins allow owners to design feeding plans for special pets. This means weight control, senior pet monitoring, and allergy concerns will be easier to manage. Brands like Purina Beneful are making it easier for owners to care for and feed any pet, simply by adopting new pure and wholesome food ingredients into every dry and wet food pet recipe. Pet food companies are sure to profit from this type of change, but more importantly, pets will have access to more natural and tasty foods.