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In 2009, the world awoke to the sad news of the demise of the popular king of pop Michael Jackson. The legend artist died in his luxurious mansion in Los Angeles. As the world mourned the king of pop, among the greatest fans worries was his songs and famous dances. The news of Michael’s death shook the world of a Spanish-born man artist working to perfect Michael’s songs and dances. Unknown to the world, this young artist would be the greatest impersonator of the late pop star.
Sergio met Michael during the famous Jackson Five shows. By, then Michael was young, and Sergio was just a child. The opportunity stuck to Sergio’s mind to love and like the pop icon. When growing up, a journalist noticed his talent and invited him to a photo session dressed like Michael. This invitation became the turning point of Sergio’s career. He put more effort into becoming the like the star and made it perfect. Among his teenager friends, they described the new Michael as loving and hard working.
The journey to the world attention and attraction to the world’s cameras has not been easy to Sergio. He had to practice hard Michael’s songs and dancing styles which are easy for anyone. The artist impressed the fans of the late king of pop and won his way to the fans minds. Currently, any interested person in the world of pop music knows Sergio. He has performed in numerous tours and shows around the world in tribute to Michael Jackson. His videos and photos while he is playing are everywhere in the internet.
Sergio understands the power of social media. Unlike the days when Michael was growing up, the social media has evolved to platform that every artist cannot ignore. There are over 16000 Facebook followers in his a page. He is also accessible through his Twitter account and other social media sites. The artist is talented in his dances and chirographies. Sergio vows to keep the memories of the late king of pop alive.
Sergio says he likes his work. He also does it best and impressive. Since the late star death news hit the world, Sergio started on a mission to ease the pain of his fans that miss his performances. Everyone misses Michaels, but Sergio misses him more, he admits that Michael death was a blow to him and his fans.

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A New, Revolutionary Way to Search the Web


Ever fallen in love with an item, such as a bag, shoes, or even a coffee maker someone else owned but didn’t know what the name of it was? When that happens to consumers, wasted time will be spent across internet search engines in a vain attempt to find the appropriate keywords to locate an item. An article published in MIT Technology Review describes a technology that could possibly be an answer to these frustrations. A company called Slyce has created an image recognition technology that can analyze an image and put shopping results for similar products conveniently into the hands of the potential buyer. This could possibly be a game-changer for consumers and companies alike.

The article highlights Pinterest and Shoes.com as companies taking advantage of this technology. When viewing a pin, Pinterest users can click on the visual search tool in the upper right corner of the image. A moveable and resizable box will appear on the original pin. The user can easily maneuver this box over any part of the image. Pinterest will show the user similar pins to the highlighted selection. On Shoe.com’s Canadian store, the user can utilize the visual filter to select the perfect shoe. Consumers are shown twelve shoes and pick the one they like the best. This selection brings up eleven similar shoes, which they can keep selecting from until they find the best match. The article explains that while the technology has a long way to go, some CEOs, such as Roger Hardy of Shoes.com, are very optimistic about the potential of this technology to boost company sales.

Talking With World Reknowned Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes


Visit the social media profile pages of Sergio Cortes and you will think that Michael Jackson himself has risen from the ashes. In just a few seconds you will notice he sounds like the king of pop, he sings like the legend, he walks and talks like MJ, he even composes songs just like the late Michael Jackson did. He promotes himself as an impersonator, but one look and you will realize that he actually has taken on the role of keeping the dream alive.

Sergio says on his pages that it is a huge challenge to be able to portray such a globally recognized celebrity on a daily basis. He has to be on every second of every day. This is not just some part time job for Sergio, this is a passion, a passion that Cortes says is more of an honor and privilege. He feels that in some way he is helping to keep the spirit alive for grieving fans around the world still dealing with such a huge loss to the music industry.

One might think after looking at Sergio Cortes that he in fact is the reincarnation of the king of pop. Although Sergio is only 43 years old, he was cast into the spotlight at a very young age just like MJ. His mother saw the resemblance to Michael Jackson and asked her son to take some fun pictures. Those pictures were the jumping off point for his career that still allows him today to live his dream. Michael Jackson was still touring with the Jackson 5 when Cortes had his life transformed. He says, “I can remember paying very close attention to how he sang songs, how he danced, and how he carried himself.

Sergio has 16,000+ people faithful followers on Facebook, and that number grows every day. It’s through these social media outlets that Sergio showcases his skills and talks with all the fans.

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“It is so much harder when you must incorporate good attributes and bad into your act.”
Michael Jackson has been and always will be a huge impact in my life, “says Sergio Cortes. The fans are part of the reason he has be able to deal with the grief of losing his idol.

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Finding A Perfect Vacation Rental in London


London is one of the most well known tourist cities in Europe, with its history and beautiful scenery it makes many people fall in love the instant they land. Part of what makes a vacation magical is finding that perfect place to stay while on your trip. Vacation rentals are a different and most of the time better way to go when vacationing with two or more people. From apartments to single family homes, most rentals are in better locations than any hotels because of their residential status and they offer a type of privacy many hotels cannot.

Founded in 2000, London Escape has become one of the best booking agencies in London for those who are looking for something better than the regular hotel stay. Part of WorldEscape, which has listings for over 25 countries, London Escape is centered in the heart of London which gives them access to every part of the city. What makes them a better choice than their competitors is their dedication to ensuring the quality of their listing. They send their team members out to inspect every listing so they can ensure the quality, safety, location and ownership is in tip top shape before they even list it. Not only do they continue to do check-ups of each listing, they maintain a relationship with the owners and do not just list any given place without knowing the manager or owner first. This way they are constantly allowed to check-up on them without warning and can have direct contact if a problem ever arises with their customers.

London Escape caters to any budget and any sized travel party by ensuring there is an array of options readily available. From single room rentals with a shared kitchen and common room to four bedroom, single home houses with a private yard, they’ve got every type covered. Since they are web based they make sure each listing has pictures, accurate descriptions, and guest reviews so guests can get a feel before they even step in the property. London Escape can find you that perfect rental for your perfect vacation.