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Adam Sender Puts On Private Art Shows


The several dozen art masterworks Adam Sender exhibits at his pop-up temporary private shows are only a smattering of his full collection, which is known as the Sender Collection. These days Mr. Sender’s interests are not only in hedge funds, which he is most lauded for the management of, but also in fine art, of which he is a passionate collector. He has an affinity for the young and vibrant newcomer artists, and has hired Diana Al-Hadid and Frank Benson to jointly curate for the Sender Collection. Diana selected multiple artists’ works, such as Rashid Johnson, Richard Prince, and Cindy Sherman.

Adam had mentioned to his wife that he felt disappointed that so many of the pieces in his collection were stored away and never seen by anyone. She suggested that he make it a point of showing a limited number of carefully selected works at private pop-up shows on their own property. He took his wife’s advice and set up such shows for their friends, family, associates, and neighbors. The first pop-up show was a remarkable success, and caused many to comment on Mr. Sender’s great ability to find artists with new works that delight and entertain every much as the great master artists of history. He has often been asked about his process and what talent he uses to spot the truly great artists of our day. If there is a secret, he is keeping it.

These are all top living artists of our day. With Diana’s and Frank’s assistance, he has built a grand collection of the best artwork of contemporary artists, in his private collection. His shows are temporary and held in one of his fine homes, and are thus termed, ‘pop-up shows.’ This is just one more way Adam Sender is changing the way private collections of art are viewed, showing one more aspect of his unique ability to innovate in every area he applies himself.

Properly Caring For Your Dog


When you have a young dog still growing up, it’s hard to make wise choices for their health and know what’s right for them if you have never had a dog before. Your dog is a young animal that deserves to be treated with love and care, and knowing how to properly raise them can go a long way on helpful them type up right. Use the following tips to help you protect your dog and keep them healthy for many years to come.

Properly Caring For Your Dog

– Give Them Sufficient Food

Make sure that your dog is filled with healthy foods that are healthy and good to eat. If the food isn’t fit for their specific health and current situation, they could be missing out on the right nutrients that’s going to help them in the future. It’s vital that you give them Beneful on youtube food because this brand has some of the best products in the world that can help strengthen them for the long road. It’s so much easier to rely on this brand because of all the different options that they offer all of their dogs. Beneful is known for working hard using only the most natural of ingredients, so they definitely are worth hiring for this job.

– Safe Playing Environment

Your dog should only be playing in specific playing environments on beneful.com. Whether it’s at home or in specific places, you should be very cautious with where it is that they go. Caring for them is extremely important to help them stay healthy and away from developing parasites and other fleas that they may end up developing at some point. It pays off to look carefully through everything that they do to help make sure they are healthy.

– Keeping Them Active

What most people don’t know about dogs is that the more exercise the better for their health. Dogs just love to run, exercise, and stay active. Give them the chains to be as active as they can be. It’s the one thing that they need every single day.

One of the best brands in the whole entire world to give your dog the best food is definitely Beneful because they are known for using only the most organic ingredients. You are sure to end up helping your dog for the long haul when you make wise choices with what you feed them.

The tips above are all got in to help you make sure your dog is active, clean, healthy, and safe. Going to your local veterinarian can help you make sure that your dog is going to be given the right vaccines and other things that you need to give them. The right information can go a long way for your dog to stay strong.

Investing For A Golden Future With US Money Reserve


You don’t have to have been around in 1929 to know the impact of a market crash. Recessions come and go like clockwork, devaluing some investments in the blink of an eye. Real Estate Investors learned the hard way that the millennium housing boom was too good to last. Today’s smart consumers are putting their hard earned money into products that will endure for the ages–precious metal bullion and US Issued Coins.

Investing in gold, silver is not a fad or speculation. Precious metal coins can be held in your hand and passed down for generations. One of the largest and most trusted dealers in precious metal coins is US Money Reserve, a company started by gold market veterans that offers the best value for your money.

US Money Reserve doesn’t just make sales, they offer the unique opportunity to actually learn the basics of the precious metal market, and view current trading prices on their comprehensive website. Today’s educated investor wants to know the “why” behind the “what”, so US Money Reserve provides a primer on why investing in gold is a smart idea at https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/WhyBuyGold/OurCompany.aspx.
Their website also brings you current economic news that impacts today’s global marketplace.

US Money Reserve believes in serving before it sells. They understand that a potential investor works hard in their own profession and doesn’t have time to become a specialist in everything. US Money Reserve’s rare coin experts as well as veteran numismatists are on hand to lend their special expertise and knowledge earned by years of experience, so that the clients knows they are in good hands.

Because they believe that dealing honestly with customers never goes out of style, US Money Reserve spells everything out in black and white on their website, as well as through customer conversations with their team of experts. They are so confident that their clients will be satisfied that they offer a money back guarantee and price protection plan. You can also read the testimonials of some of the thousands of individuals who are glad that they made the decision to invest with US Money Reserve.

US Money Reserve’s coffers contain brilliant gold and silver bullion as well outstanding commemorative coins such as American Eagle Proof Gold Coins and Modern Congressional Coins that any investor would be proud to own.

You can find out more about this outstanding investment opportunity by visiting https://www.usmoneyreserve.com.

Nobilis Health Leads The Field In Successful Minimally Invasive Procedures


When it comes to offering procedures that are going to help a patient, there is nowhere better to have a procedure done than at Nobilis Health facilities. Each of our facilities have their own set of benefits, and we are located conveniently for everyone who needs to go to a facility. Our company has created the foundation for successful minimally invasive procedures. There are many other healthcare companies who complete these procedures, but they don’t all have the full package like Nobilis Health does. Nobilis Health facilities according to yahoo finance have high customer satisfaction ratings for many of the successful procedures performed here.We find that much of our success with the minimally invasive procedures is with the cooperation from the patient as well as being able to go over their previous medical history. We find that minimally invasive procedures give the patient a shorter and much easier recovery time. We don’t want our patients to have to go back home and be in pain for weeks on end. We don’t want our patients to have to go home and be on pain medications for months because they are still in pain from the surgery, especially when the point of surgery is often to help reduce their pain. We want our patients to go home and have a short recovery time and get back to their daily activities, and our minimally invasive procedures help the patients to get to this point. When it comes to surgery at Nobilis Health according to cantechletter, we make sure we get it right. We make sure that our patients have what they need, which is the experience of our doctors, the expertise from their studies, the professionalism of everyone at our facilities, successful procedures, and shorter and easier recovery times. Our patients have often expressed their gratitude to us following their surgery and recovery time. They thank us for making their recovery easier, and that means the world to us. We will keep doing all procedures in this manner because it truly is what’s best for our patients, and Nobilis Health is a patient oriented company that truly cares for its patients.

Jon Urbana Joins Hands with Earth Force in a Go Fund Me Campaign


A philanthropic entrepreneur and organizer of the next level lacrosse camps held annually in Colorado for young lacrosse players, 32-year-old Jon Urbana is an ardent supporter of local charities and just recently in collaboration with the Earth Force Movement, launched a fundraising campaign on Go Fund Me. The campaign aims at collecting funds that will go towards saving, protecting, and taking care of nature.

Being the founder of a lacrosse camp and owner of a spiffy website, Urbana has been privileged to work with the youth on various occasions. They also follow his Twitter account and flock to him on Instagram for support. He reckons how deeply moved he is by their efforts and emphasis on maintenance of clear environment. It is with these efforts and commitments that he and Earth Force seek to bring the Facebook population on board by engaging them as either activists or participants in this charitable cause.

The fundraising campaign was announced in an article on Jon’s WordPress blog and will be running on Go Fund Me, one of the leading online fundraising websites. The website allows people faced with various life challenges get financial help from well wishers from all over the world, drumming up support through channels like Vimeo and even Slideshare. Therefore, by placing the campaign on the Villanova website to appeal to the lacrosse community, Jon gives a chance to millions of environmental conservationists from all over the world to contribute towards this noble cause.

Apart from his participation in this campaign, organizing, and facilitating the annual Next Level Lacrosse Camps in Colorado. Jon is also an accomplished entrepreneur, a founding partner in Ellipse, and a notable business professional with a few ventures. He is a key member of Ellipse Technologies USA, a subsidiary of Ellipse Denmark. In the organization, he serves as the regional head of business development, responsible for the overall distribution of Ellipse products in the U.S as well as overseeing the activities of the marketing managers, departments, and distribution materials all over the country.
Jon Urbana is also a former professional lacrosse athlet
e with various awards such in the sport such as the NCAA Division 1 All-American player’s award and the CAA Defensive Player of the Year. During the camping sessions, he invites professional players currently playing in the local and national leagues as well the retired professionals to give insights of the game and mentorship about various life topics to the Colorado youths. By supporting Earth Force, contributors are not only helping in environmental conservation but are also advocating for the involvement of the youth in meaningful projects.

Look Like A Star With Lime Crime


I guess you could say that I was born with ice skates on my feet. My parents were very active in local sports and started to take me to the ice skating rink when I was little. Learning how to skate takes a lot of patience and a lot of tolerance for bumps and bruises. However, it was not long until I was skating circles around the other children on the ice. Some of my fondest memories were holding onto my dad’s hand as he was teaching me how to skate. It would create a life-long sporting passion that I have to this day.

Years ago, my great-uncle played in the Olympics and my parents hoped that I would be a new generation winner. When I was old enough, my parents hired a skating coach for me. Luda was an immigrant from the Ukraine and was one of the most prominent skating coaches in our area. She knew her business and would never accept anything but the best from me.

There were times that I went home in despair, thinking that she hated me and that I could never please her. Soon, I began to see through her tough exterior and knew that she was getting me ready for the gold. I loved to hear her stories about how she grew up in the former Soviet Union and all she sacrificed for her skating career. Luda’s father was a school teacher and her mother worked in a little green grocery in their village. With the frigid Ukrainian winters, she had ample time to learn her sport and to perfect her techniques.

Luda wanted more than anything to be a member of the Soviet ice skating team. Her boyfriend, Nicolai, was her skating partner and she knew that they could bring gold and glory to their country. They spent countless hours practicing under a renowned Russian coach and saved all their money. The Olympic tryouts were coming up and they had to be ready.

Unfortunately, Luda and Nicolai never made it to the final tryouts. Nicolai’s father fell in disfavor with the local party authority and the couple were strangely disqualified. For the longest time, Luda was bitter and depressed. She knew that she risked her safety and that of her family if she tried to protest. Several years later, she immigrated to the United States and preserved her love of skating by coaching.

Due to an ankle injury, I never made it to the Olympics. However, I still love to skate and have my children involved in skating. My daughter loves to dress up in beautiful costumes and we order makeup from Lime Crime.com. Doe Deere designed some of the most brilliant colors I have ever seen and they are perfect complements to the glittered and sequined costumes. We can chose luminous shades of lipstick, eye shadow, blushers, and nail lacquers. Lime Crime specializes in vibrant colors that cannot be found in other cosmetic lines. Even if we are not in the Olympics, we can look like stars thanks to Lime Crime.