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Bruce Levenson: More Than Just An NBA Owner


Bruce Levenson is much more than just an NBA team owner and successful businessman. He is also a caring husband and father and a long-time philanthropist. Many in the general public first became aware of Bruce Levenson when he was announced as a majority partner of the Atlanta Spirit LLC group that purchased the Atlanta Hawks basketball team in 2004. But the Chevy Chase, Maryland native had already had decades worth of success and good deeds before taking on that task. An attorney and journalist, Levenson’s first major move was co-founding the United Communications Group (UCG) with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. Since then, he has made a number of amazing moves that have left people in awe of him.

The United Communications Group started as a newsletter, Oil Express, which reported on the latest news in the energy industry. A man before his time, Levenson and UCG used the early iteration of the internet to deliver the information industry leaders needed in a timely manner. Soon UCG bought up a number of other newsletters and was providing critical information to companies in the healthcare, technology, telecommunications, mortgage banking, and a number of other industries. To bolster its position, UCG also founded a number of databases including Oil Price Information Service. The company also created and managed GasBuddy, an application which gives drivers information on the lowest gas prices in their region.

Levenson is also involved in the information technology and financial services industries. He was director and founding board member of the publicly traded IT industry media firm TechTarget. Levenson also served as an advisor to the private equity firm BIA Digital Partners, and was on the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association board of directors. Bruce Levenson had made such a major contribution to the publishing industry that in 1997 he was induced into the Hall of Fame of the Software and Information Industry Association.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has also been a philanthropist for decades. He has been involved with the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., and the I Have a Dream and Hoop Dreams Foundation. He was one of the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s founding donors, and has long supported the Seeds of Peace, the SEED Foundation, and the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute. Levenson and his wife started and support the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. Started in 2010 and housed on the campus of the University of Maryland, the organization teaches students the skills necessary to run nonprofit organizations.

Levenson came into the consciousness of the general public in 2004 when he became a majority partner of the Atlanta Spirit group that purchased the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, Atlanta Thrashers ice hockey team, and operating rights to Phillips Arena for $250 million. Together with his business partners, Levenson hired a new coach and general manager and in the 2014-15 season the Atlanta Hawks won 60 games, the most in their history. Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit LLC sold the team for $850 million at the end of the season.

U.S. Money Reserve Is A Source For Precious Metal Coins



U.S. Money Reserve presents a valuable service to those persons who are wondering how to effectively invest in a long-term savings plans. Traditional investment options such as placing funds into certificates of deposits, bonds, stocks, and money market funds are all wise strategies. A lot of investors, even conservative ones, are getting a little tired of these “standard” vehicles.

The option of buying precious metals has a lot of appeal these days as more and more people are considering buying these assets. The reason why is not hard to deduce. Throughout the past ten years or so, gold, silver, and platinum have been able to deliver good returns on investments.

A few additional things have to be taken into consideration when investing in precious metals. Namely, it is necessary to buy and store the physical asset. Selecting the right company to work with to procure the metals is an absolute must in order to be sure things go smoothly. Most importantly, the buyer does want to be sure he or she is getting quality metals.

This is where U.S. Money reserve serves a very valuable purpose. U.S. Money reserve has done a fantastic job as establishing itself as a reliable, top provider of gold, silver, and platinum coins. A lot of work goes into the acquisition process. Researchers under the employ of the company do not simply select “any old” coins. A lot of market valuation work goes into the process of picking particular coins. Similarly, the sales representatives who work for U.S. Money Reserve do not push coins at random to customers. After careful discussions with the client, a decision is made to promote a particular coin purchase.

U.S. Money reserve has done quite well as a provider of quality coins. Hundreds of thousands of customers have been served over the years. The Austin, TX-based company has established itself as a major seller and the guidance of Philip N. Diehl, a former director of the U.S. Mint and now President of U.S. Money Reserve, the company has been able to serve clients quite well.

After speaking with a consultant to discuss the best acquisition, a purchase can be processed quite easily. Within a short period of time, the shipment will leave the vault and be on its way to the desired delivery location. Once received, the coins acquired from U.S. Money Reserve should be put in a very safe place where they will add to a diverse portfolio.

Yeonmi Park: A Story Of Captivity and Freedom


When individuals hear the story of Yeonmi Park, it’s something just like a movie. But, in truth life is sometimes stranger than fiction. And Park has lived an extraordinary life beyond her 21 years. Her tale of brutality and escape from North Korea is an amazing one, and now one she want to share with the rest of the world. Her various speaking engagements includes some of the largest human rights groups and social activists organizations in the world, such as TED and others.

Park begins her story as a child living in North Korea. She was living in a middle-class home, with both her parents employed as government workers. Her father, a high-ranking official for the countries Workers Party was well-to-do. Her mother was gainfully employed by the state as well, working as a nurse for the North Korean army. Park remembers that she lived a happy and carefree life, free from any worry or distress. She did not understand the government that she was living under was one of the strictest and most controlling governments on the planet.

Her earliest recollection of the brutality of the state occurred when she witnessed the brutal beating of one of her mother’s friends at the hands of police. It was only then that she understood that her government was not as benevolent as she once thought. She received a revelation about love and kindness when she viewed a bootleg copy of the movie “Titanic.” The movie made her understand that there was more to live for than the state. In the movie, she witnessed two people fall in love and die for each other for love. It gave her a new perspective upon servitude, and from that point on, she looked at her government with different eyes.

Years later, the family was relocated to another part of North Korea, one less prosperous than the one that they were accustomed to living in. Soon, the relocation took its toll, and the family found themselves running out of resources, including food. Park’s father, not wanted his family to starve, began to sell precious metals in the black markets, an illegal activity. Soon, government officials got word of his activities, and jailed him for his crimes. He spent many years in jail, working hard labor, until he became too sick to continue his sentence. The state released him to go home and die with his family.

While at home, he came up with a plan to escape from North Korea with his family. He wanted nothing more than for his family to taste freedom. After coming up with a plan, he said his family on their journey. However, he himself was too sick to make the journey himself, and stayed behind. Soon after, he succumbed to his sickness and passed away in North Korea.

The road to freedom was a long one for Park and her family. Eventually, Park and her family endured many trials to get to freedom. Park now speaks around the world about not only life in North Korea, but the two years they spent captive and the hands of Chinese smugglers.

Yeonmi Park has inspired many people on youngvoicesadvocates and speaks of on human rights in those situations, and she has spoken all over the world. She continues to lecture about her ordeal, and has released a book with Penguin Press. Park has seen many things, and through her speaking engagements, she hopes to enlighten people so that individuals will never have to go through what she went through.

Exciting New York City Development Plans Underway!


TOWN Residential is the leader of NYC apartments for rent. We provide first class service in luxury residential sales, marketing and leasing. Founded in 2010 – Town Residential has set a new standard of excellence in the industry. Considering the new developments that are taking place in New York City, our TOP talent eagerly awaits the opportunity to make your real estate experience a success. Below are the details of recent permit applications that have been submitted to the different boroughs.


One Vanderbilt Avenue
Developer: SL Green Realty

Plans have been submitted for a 67 story high tower. This is an enormous office tower, near Grand Central Station, with 1.3 million square feet. Retail space will be on two floors and the rest will be used for offices.

115 East 97th Street – Marymount School
Academic building 13 stories high and 111,510 square feet of space. There will be a chapel, classrooms, offices, a gym, exercise rooms, dance studio and gallery.


One development consisting of two side-by-side 25-story rental buildings with community facilities.

Developers: The Chetrit Group & Somerset Partners

101 Lincoln Avenue – 780,000+ square feet, 33,000 square feet retail space, 800+ apartments.

2401 Third Avenue – 345,000 square feet, 2,250 square feet retail space and the remainder apartment units.

4439 Third Avenue
L&M Development Partners and Hornig Capital Partners
Affordable rentals, 12 stories, 138,519 square feet, 133 residential units, 11,500 square feet of commercial space and a community facility.


664 Pacific Street in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Developer: Greenland Forest City Partners
26 story building, 343,788 square feet ,323 rental units and a public school to accommodate 600+ students.

27 West Street – Greenpoint waterfront.
Developer: Halcyon Management
234 units, 280,000 square feet nearly 6,000 square feet of retail space and community space of nearly 4,000 square feet.

1721 East 8th Street
Developer: Z&K Realty Developers
Synagogue, with commercial space and apartments in an 11-story, 160,000+ square foot residential building. 1,220 square foot apartments.

541 Fourth Avenue – Park Slope
Developer: Anshel Friedman and Aaron Karpen
12-story rental building, 100,000+ square feet. 125 units, 10,000+ square foot retail space, garage space and pet spa.

140 Friendship Lane in Willowbrook, Staten Island
Developer: Douglaston Development
5 story, 161 unit building, 100,000+ square feet, 10,000 square-foot recreational facility, connecting to Brielle’s present 188 unit, 3-story residential structure.

Be Proactive with Online Reputation Management


In business, reputation is everything. The minute a business’ reputation suffers, profits begin to decline. Launching a marketing campaign to boost sales won’t help much if a brand has been severely tarnished. The minute potential customers have doubts about a business, they are not going to patronize the enterprise. People worry about wasting money on bad service.

Self-employed persons or small business owners should not think they are free from these troubles just because their reputation has remained positive for several years. Things can change quickly and without warning. Today, there are scores of anonymous review sites in which negative commentary about business enterprises can be easily published.

Once a few bad reviews are posted, the impact on a business could be enormous. What if the reviews are false, exaggerated, or inaccurate? Sadly, there is not much that can be to remove them. Most review sites have strict editorial policies about removing bad reviews. Sometimes, the negative information is published on blogs and social media platforms and there is no editorial review. Someone with an axe to grind pretty much can get away with tarnishing a reputation.

The best way to deal with such troubles is to be proactive. Taking the reigns and developing a solid online presence could defeat a bad review or other malicious material before they are even published. Businesses and entrepreneurs really do have to manufacture their own online reputation.

There are various ways this can be done. Building a website, creating a great social media presence, publishing positive testimonials, and circulating good reviews are ways a positive image and reputation is established. Imagine maintaining a really upbeat social media site and publishing hundreds of flattering blog posts over the course of two years prior to anything negative being published online. The negative material would be buried amidst tons of helpful online material.

The job of doing this, however, should be left to the experts. A legitimate reputation management firm will achieve desirable results. Trying to handle the task in-house and without experts at the helm could end up being worse than doing nothing at all.

Darius Fisher, the President of the online reputation management firm Status Labs, understands exactly what is required to help a business in these matters. He was recently listed on PR Week’s Innovation 50 list of top digital marketing experts. Those interested in building up a positive reputation should look closer at what Fisher’s firm can do.

Companies Such As Nobilis Health Can Help Provide Health Care


Health care provision is one of the most important tasks in the modern world. Health care providers help pregnant women get access to prenatal care in order to make sure that any baby they have will be healthy. As a child grows, periodic health care checks are necessary in order for a child to be vaccinated on time and to make sure that any problems the child may have such as problems with their hearing and vision are confronted and corrected as soon as possible. Health care checks are also necessary as people grow up. Women will need to get health care tests done such as pap smears to check for cancers.

A health care company can someone’s best friend and help keep them as healthy as possible all throughout their lives. Many companies will make sure that their policy owners will have the kind of preventative medical care they need at each stage in life. They will also make sure that each person has access to the finest quality health care in the event that they have an illness of any kind. This helps people sleep at night because they know that they need not worry about having medical bills they cannot pay.

Companies such as Nobilis Health are devoted to helping patients and health care providers directly connect with each other. Under their skilled leadership, patients and doctors have been able to connect easily in order to make sure that all of those involved can function as effectively as possible. The company is devoted to providing high quality care to patients all over the American Southwest who rely on their health care centers to help them get the kind of health care they need at all times. Companies can get help from Nobilis Health in order to more effectively connect with their patients.

A person who has access to health care can relax because they know that they need not worry too much about minor illnesses. They know that in the event of a bout of the flu or a sudden car accident that they can focus on their recovery and not on worrying about the constant need to pay their bills. Medical bills can be overwhelming otherwise. A person who has problems with medical bills may even find the need to declare bankruptcy because the bills are so hard for them to manage. Health care companies can make sure that all of their policyholders will have the means to pay such bills easily without a problem.

Many health care providers strive each day to help their patients make sure that they have the kind of help they really need. Many want to do all that they can to allow their patients to get better and have lives that are healthier and happier as a result of their skills. The health care provider who is able to work with patients directly and provide for their needs will be health care provider who is far happier in their chosen profession.

A Woman on Fire!


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman of achievement! She’s a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, an active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and last but not least, she’s a mother of twin boys! After having great success as a Plastic Surgeon in New York City, Dr. Walden moved her family to Austin, Texas where her twin sons could be closer to their family. Her Texan roots are now molded with her New York City expertise and flare.

In 2014, Dr. Walden was recognized in Texas Monthly as one of the Texas Super Doctors! The number of female board-certified plastic surgeons in Texas formally trained in cosmetic surgery is very small and therefore, Dr. Walden stands out! She’s interested in women’s health issues and self-empowerment, especially when it comes to plastic surgery and breast health. Harper’s Bazaar magazine recently honored Dr. Walden as one of the nation’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the United States.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is often wanted by the media to discuss various topics such as, celebrity plastic surgery, breast implants and mommy makeovers. She has also made various media appearances on national news outlets such as, Fox News, NBC’s The Today Show, and CBS. She has been contacted for comments to a variety of topics from magazines such as, Cosmopolitan, Bridal Guide and Vogue.

Dr. Walden has published numerous articles and research papers. She was also co-author and co-editor for an award winning textbook, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery released in 2010. She is a consultant for the country’s leading breast implant and aesthetics companies, and has developed her own tools for breast surgery.

While these and many of her other accomplishments are out of this world, the one Dr. Walden herself deems most rewarding is her volunteer work. Austin Smiles is a volunteer mission that allows her to provide cleft lip and palate surgery to infants. She fully supports FIT, a program that provides free or reduced meals to elementary school children on the weekends. Dr. Walden also serves on the Executive Leadership Team of the Go Red for Women campaign.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is the pure definition of a woman on fire! From her outstanding accomplishments to her inspiring volunteer work, she is lighting the way for women everywhere!

North Korean Civil Rights Activist Yeon-mi Park Fights For Change


For decades now, rumors have leaked like a sieve out of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, about rampant and systemic abuses on the part of the government under the despotic leadership of Kim Jong-Il. Finally, no longer able to turn a blind eye or blind ear to the rumors, the UN tasked a special committee to investigate the mounting evidence against North Korea. In early 2014, the UN released the 400 page report that had been compiled. What it contained was an horrific laundry list of unbelievable atrocities, massive civil rights violations and outright crimes against humanity.

Some of the accusations leveled against the government were of citizens being sent to government run forced labor camps with no trial or due process of any kind for such offenses as watching soap operas or trying to feed their families. And those sent to the camps were the “lucky” ones. Many were simply executed on the spot for many of the same minor and petty offenses. Such claims would seem absolutely ridiculous if they weren’t backed up time and time again by witness after witness sharing personal testimony to the same types of incidents again and again.

One person who has seen firsthand the offenses of the North Korean government is North Korean civil rights activist Yeon-mi Park. At only 21 years of age, she has already seen more horror and atrocity than many Westerners will see in their entire lives – including those that enter war zones and have firsthand experience with the types of atrocities that war brings. While westerners may voluntarily choose to enter into a war-torn country and potentially even participate in fighting in battle, they do so with the knowledge that they always have a safe place to return to if they so choose. Not so the citizens of North Korea, who are trapped in an ongoing nightmare from which there is no escape.

Some choose to try and escape through China, but that too is not a guarantee of safety or freedom. For decades, the Chinese government has actively hunted refugees and sent them back to North Korea to face an even harsher fate than what they originally tried to escape from. Yeon-mi and her mother attempted escape through China, and while they were never discovered by authorities, their inability to seek the protection of civil authorities left them vulnerable and defenseless, dependent on the mercy of the Chinese. Unfortunately, their treatment in China was anything but merciful.

After more than a year of ongoing horror in China, Yeon-mi and her mother were able to finally half walk and crawl through a strip of the Gobi desert into Mongolia, where they finally found the safe refuge they were seeking.

Now, from the safety of Seoul, South Korea, Yeonmi Park of yeonmi.net has become a tiny but powerful voice for change in North Korea. As a regular visitor on numerous radio and television shows, she has developed a strong following in South Korea, and an impassioned speech delivered at the One Young World Summit in Dublin, Ireland gained her a global following. Recently, she was honored to be named one of the BBC’s “Top 100 Women of 2014.”

Beneful Is Sure To Keep Your Canine Friend Happy and Lively


There are no doubts about the fact that some of our most loyal, friendliest and caring friends are our pets. It is commonly known that dogs are among some of the most loyal animals in the entire planet. Are you doing everything within your means to ensure that your lovable canine is being provided with the best qualities of foods as possible? Unfortunately, many pet owners do not place great importance on the qualities of foods they feed their pets? Why own a pet if you’re not going to be giving it the best life it could possibly have?

When it comes to selecting the right food for your pet, it is an essential necessity to ensure that you choose the right brand. Beneful is a dog food brand that has proven itself as being one of the best choices in the market. It is well-reputed as being a brand that many people choose due to noticing an extreme change of energy in their pets. Their pets will noticeably become more lively after eating Beneful food brands. This is because every bite is packed with some of the best nutrients and minerals that are available in food form for dogs.

Beneful makes some of the best wet dog foods that are made of wholesome ingredients one is able to see with delicious flavors the pet is sure to love. They food selections are available in twenty different varieties of wholesome forms that help to keep the dog(s) healthy and happy.

Why Choose Beneful As Your Dog’s Primary Choice of Food?

Beneful includes a variety of proteins, from lamb, pork, chicken to beef. The textures vary from hearty roasters, big hearty chunks and thinly diced chopped blends. The foods are mixed with accents of rice, barley, green beans and carrots. There are convenient sizes for dogs from 3 ounces of convenient multi-packs to 10 ounces of resealable tubs that are sure to be kept fresh for a long time.

Seeing your dog more lively is sure to make your home that much more fun. You will notice changes in your dog’s appearance and levels of energy, all of which are beneficial for not only their lives, but also for serving you as your companion. Some of your dog’s favorite flavors are available in the selection of Beneful food choices, including cheese, bacon, peanut butter and beef. There are also texture choices of savory shortbread cookie and crispy airy crackers.

If you are constantly striving to best the best pet owner that you can possibly be, then you cannot go wrong by choosing Beneful as it offers some of the best choices of quality foods that are available in today’s complex market of foods for pets. Be sure to pick the right brand today!

The Allure of Online Dating


Mobile phones are becoming less about talking and more about using a multitude of apps to help with almost every aspect of life. This is proven just by the number of people who turn to dating applications to find their soul mate. Yet, there are still the holdouts who cannot help but wonder why others are so addicted. The truth is, there’s a lot of reasons to go through a dating app to find the love of a lifetime.
The Spice of Variety

One of the big problems with the local dating scene is one is likely to meet the same people no matter where they go. In other words, there’s very little variation in culture, lifestyles and interests. Online dating and data apps, on the other hand, open up a world of endless possibilities, connecting people across the globe and enriching people’s lives. For those souls who like trying new things and enjoy the spice of unpredictability, online dating is the perfect solution.
AnastasiaDate Adding the Spice of Life

The spice of life and the thrill of change is something AnastasiaDate understands all too well. The dating website and app, founded in 1993, began as a specialized dating service that featured lovely ladies from the Ukraine and Russia. Interested individuals could register for free, create their profile and search for the woman of their dreams. Today, AnastasiaDate has added AfricaBeauties.com, AmoLatina.com and AsianBeauties.com. So what is the drive behind featuring beautiful women from across the globe? Simply put, a belief that modern love and international romance shouldn’t fade in the distance.
Secure Communication

Some very romantic memories are formed in that period when people first start getting to know each other. Of course, that’s also when some people wish they knew more about the person sitting across from them before they met face to face. Online dating sites and dating apps not only provide anonymity, but they allow people to really get to know each other before meeting in person. The added benefit is that first real date is more like old friends catching up and having a great time.
AnastasiaDate Security

People want to know their moment of romantic spontaneity won’t become the regret of a lifetime. AnastasiaDate knows this and is dedicated to customer service and member security. In fact, their multimedia platforms are a safe way to meet people without the worry of regret. When people realize how easily a simple app can help them find their soul mate, there’s no question as to why so many lonely souls turn to dating websites like AnastasiaDate.