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Men Are Finally Realizing That Shoes Tell A Personal Story


For years, women bought their husbands and sons shoes. Shoes didn’t mean much to men back in the early part of the 20th century. And that mentality carried right on through the middle of the 20th century. Men considered shoes “foot covering.” Nothing more than that. Some men even wore black leather shoes no matter what color suit they were wearing. Black shoes, no all men’s shoes in those days, were blocky, stiff, uncomfortable and boring, but men didn’t care. Even though men’s shoes were useful accessories, they didn’t really do anything for men other than make them look like they should throw a party. That party should have started with an invitation to ask their short tailor pants to come down and touch their usually unpolished shoes.

Men started to change their perception of shoes in the 1970s and 1980s. Men finally realized their shoes told a personal story. Running shoes hit the scene and suddenly their old blocky shoes didn’t seem to fit their running attire or their personality. Men began to wear shorts and running shoes and by the time the 1990s rolled around men’s sandals were the rage. T-shirts, shorts, fisherman sandals, and just about any other type of sandal became the casual look of the 21st century.

Shoe companies were partially to blame for the lame presentations and the limited choices they offered men before the 1970s. But when global shoe manufacturing hit the scene in the 1980s, the shoe companies began to gear their advertising to men that wanted to look good from the bottom up, not the other way around. Shoe companies began spending a lot of money on advertising, and they expanded their product lines to include different styles, colors and treatments. They began to give shoes names. Naming shoes helped changed the men’s shoe business. Finally, men could be proud of their Michael Jordan’s or their Cole Hahn’s. Timberland was the darling of the working man, and Sperry Topsiders were the uniform of the preppy set.

But trying to find the right size, color and style in a favorite shoe was still a challenge. Retail stores carried a limited size run, so if a man’s shoe size was bigger than a 12 or smaller than an 8 he was in trouble. But those days are over. Men with large feet and a free spirit can find shoes that fit their feet as well as their personality. When Paul Evans Footwear hit the men’s shoe business, men discovered they can buy shoes that fit from Italy, the home of the oldest shoes makers in the world.

The owners of New York based Paul Evans Footwear Company figured out a way to sell a man a style of his choice, in the color and size of his choice, and ship it directly to him from the Italian factory that made it. That direct form of selling has never been done before, and it’s working. Fine Italian men’s styles made in calfskin, with leather linings, leather soles and heels and yes, leather insoles are now available through Paul Evans Footwear. That’s a quantum leap in the men’s fashion footwear industry.

Lime Crime: Colourful, Different and Disruptive


The indie company was founded by former musician Kseniya Dovotova, who is popularly known as Doe Deere around 2008 to fill the niche in the market for colourful beauty products. She said that she was not impressed with the way colours were under-utilized and so she decided to try and shake things up a bit. The move came at a time when the fashion industry was “conservative” and was dismissed as a pipe dream that would not work or sell in the market. In an era where disruption is rife in the technology industry, Doe had already disrupted the fashion industry.

Doe designed the colours herself and worked with a lab to make the concepts a reality but said that when she was working with chemists, they were amazed at the extent to which she pushed the limits. They thought that some of the colours were extreme but Doe stuck with them and incorporated them into her products.

Lime Crime is based in Los Angeles and everything about the company can be thought about as young and full of funk from its products to the packaging that they come in. Lime Crime offers a wide variety of products on amazon.com from lipstick, nail polish and eye shadows. The products are known for their eccentric and non-traditional colours that resonate with the company’s slogan “So Bright Its Illegal.”

Since the company’s inception, the company’s products have had some very interesting names which at first glance do not sound like beauty products including; Retrofuturist, D’Lilac, the renowned Lime Criminal and the yellow Circus Girl eye shadow. If you are tired of looking the same and you want to try out a totally different look, you should definitely try out their products. You will surely fall in love with its Velvetine matte lipstick or the Unicorn lipstick which comes in a purple tube that is branded with a sparkling unicorn.

All the company’s products are vegan; they do not contain any animal product. The products are also animal-cruelty free which means that they are not tested on animals. In fact, the products are Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free.

Even though many people think that the company was started 7 years ago, Doe had her own store on eBay in 2004 where she had started with only two brands. Doe who has also worked at an investment bank, has said that as much as she has tried to do other things, her love for fashion and makeup has always followed her. Her success with Lime Crime has led her to give talks at various events including the PHAMexpo in Los Angeles. She also has tutorials on makeup on he own personal site which can help you choose what to put on and best for you.

I know you must be wondering where you could possibly get these amazing products. You can buy them from the company’s website and the company provides free shipping on US orders that are more than $50.Well, if there’s an Urban Outfitters or Naimie’s Beauty Centre near you, then you’re in luck and can shop for the products at these stores.

Handy is the Best Cleaning Service App In the Entire World


Owning or renting a home, apartment, or other living space can be very rewarding. Having the responsibility of keeping up a home or other living space can require a lot of time, especially for families with lots of children. Younger children can make a home especially messy. Home owners and renters who have full-time jobs and other obligations to take care of and attend to may not be able to find much time out of their busy days to clean their home.

Searching for home cleaning service providers like Handy often times results in home owners and renters coming up empty-handed, with a house full of clutter. When home owners and renters do find house cleaning professionals, their prices are often not worth it, because there are not many home cleaning service professionals around. Besides, it is difficult to know of all the home cleaning professionals in a close proximity to one’s place of residence because most of them are self-employed and cannot afford pricey advertising expenses.

Handy is an app that provides its users with listings of local, independent home cleaning professionals. Handy is comparable to Uber in the sense that cleaners who are self-employed can list their own services on Handy for a low rate. Handy also effectively reduces the price that home cleaning professionals can charge because, typically, home cleaning professionals are difficult to find because they do not have enough money for advertising expenses.

The revolutionary home cleaning app we know as Handy was founded around four years ago. Handy has grown exponentially since its inception, and currently books in excess of one million US dollars worth of home cleaning service appointments a week – that’s right, per week!

Home cleaning service providers have traditionally been difficult to find, until now. Handy allows home owners and renters to find nearly all of the cleaning service providers in one place, which is especially convenient for the home owners and renters.

So, what can one do to keep up more around the home? The most important thing home owners and renters can do is to not make a mess. It sounds simple and obvious, but it is not too difficult – it just takes a lot more time than not picking up after one’s self.

Another thing home owners can do is invest in the cleaning products and equipment that cleaning professionals use. Unfortunately, some equipment necessary to properly clean a home is very expensive, sometimes costing more than one thousand dollars for one piece of equipment. Some services that cost a lot of money to complete is pressure washing and cleaning out the gutters (both of which are very tedious and take a long time to clean completely).

Having a clean home is not only favorable, but having a clean home can actually make the health, well-being, and livelihood of a home increase. Having clogged gutters can cause roof problems, for example. Another thing that can severely depreciate the value of a home is not cleaning up after pets in the home. Pet excrement can severely damage floors (and make a house stink), but hiring a cleaning service professional can clean everything in a messy home.

Doe Deere Beauty Products


The beauty industry has been and always will be a booming business. Traced back to medieval times where women swallowed arsenic and experimented with bats’ blood to improve complexions, Victorian ladies removing their ribs to shape their waist, and 18th-century Americans using urine of young boys to erase freckles, the desire to be beautiful is nothing new. The $160 billion yearly global industry encompasses make-up, skin care, hair products, fragrances, cosmetic surgery, health clubs, and diet pills. Basic instinct keeps the beauty industry powerful.

Since the Roaring Twenties and the age of the flappers, woman have used cosmetics that were meant to be noticed. From rich lipstick and blush colors, to dark lined eyes with smudged kohl. Nail polish became popular in the 1920s, inspired by enamels used to paint cars. Looking forward to the modern day beauty industry, it is massive and involves everything from teeth-whitening toothpaste to expensive hair case products.

Lime Crime is a makeup brand that has received a lot of buzz recently. Created by Doe Deere, Lime Crime makeup was featured in last November’s issue of Nylon magazine. The public is raving over the spectacular colors used in the Magic Dust eyeshadows and Candyfuture lipsticks as well as the phenomenal packaging which can attract anyone with the intense pigments and bright colors. Lime Crime is made to target a specific audience, those who wish to make a statement with their makeup.

Doe Deere built her brand on the internet on doedeere.com once she recognized its potential to market and sell products. She began her entrepreneur-type mentality in 2003 when she began selling DIY clothing on eBay. The following year she released the CD “I Believe in Fairytale” with her band SkySalt. During the same year, Lime Crime was introduced as her eBay store name and a website was made to promote her clothing lines. In 2006, Deere began to focus on makeup tutorials and selling repackaged glitter on her website. Lime Crime makeup officially launched in 2008 with prices for eye shadow, glitter, blush, primers, and brushes ranging from $12 to $25. Over the subsequent years, various Lime Crime makeup lines were released.

Doe Deere’s goal is to prove that cosmetics are more than just a way to conceal imperfections, but rather a form a freedom and self-expression. Her makeup line was based off the principal that she wanted to wear what she felt comfortable in versus what looks natural and is accepted by society. She realized how to utilize the internet to advertise and market her cosmetics, which has allow her to build her business into an empire. While some have objected to this concept, stating that individuals would rather go to a store to see the products in person, Lime Crime has taken numerous steps to make e-commerce shopping as convenient as possible, even pioneering the “on-lip” lipstick swatch. This unique aspect of Lime Crime has been adopted by other makeup companies, making it an industry standard. Lime Crime is for the young and those who wish to be young. It is a bold and bright makeup brand that has towered to success over the past few years.

Dog Health Care Tips: Is Your Canine Diet Right?


Everyone’s heart is set on giving their canine the best care it needs. Interestingly, it’s of tremendous importance that pet parents select the appropriate dog food from Beneful on amazon to preserve health. Veterinarians cannot stress enough how essential it is to prepare dog food that includes nutritional ingredients. In fact, every dog deserves a richer balanced diet, no matter what stage of life it’s reached. As omnivores, dogs need a diverse selection of wholesome foods to keep busy and healthy. Dog meals should include grains, vegetables, and meats, which each contributes different morsels of nutrients. Although dogs need these essential elements, it’s all-important that it consumes meals are wholesome, moderately-sized and balanced. If not, it’ll increase the risk of a canine developing disease and illnesses. Lately, dogs have been developing diabetes and other life-threatening diseases because of poor dieting. Without a balanced morsel of nutrients to fuel activities, a canine is likely to face health difficulties.

For any dog to survive and actively indulge in daily activities, it needs maximum care. The three main factors of concern when feeding a dog should include its ideal weight, age, and activity level. Every canine has different dietary needs and it’s in his or her best interest that the pet parent understands this urgent requirement. It needs to eat meals tailored to meet his or her personal nutritional needs. Arthritis is becoming widely diagnosed health condition observed in large dogs. If it’s consuming the correct dog food, it’ll be at a reduced risk of developing arthritis. With wholesome, nutrient-giving balanced meals to support the joints, canines tend to develop robust immunity against diseases and viruses.

Parents should consult a veterinarian about calorie requirements for their dog(s). Unfortunately, few pet food manufacturers disclose information about calories. A veterinarian has the depth of knowledge and expertise to determine how many to include in the diet. Furthermore, veterinary professionals recommend dry dog food over canned varieties. According to them, dry food has a lower count of calories. In addition, it’s crucial to inquire about nutritional information from a pet food manufacturer before purchase. It should meet the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) minimum dietary requirements that befit a dog’s health condition.

Today, commercial dog food brandishes labeling such as “premium,” “gourmet,” and “natural.” Although, it’s an attractive branding technique, pet parents shouldn’t base their decision on this theory alone. It’s always sensible to get a professional opinion when shopping for the best pet food. Largely, it should complement the budget and meet a canine’s nutritional needs in the same breath. Another concern that’s been raised is how often a pet parent feeds his or her dog. It seems trivial, but it has serious implications and could encourage dog health risks. Veterinarians openly discourage overindulging dogs in unhealthy eating.

A Beneful diet for canines has numerous benefits over other counterparts, according to many veterinarians. Owned by Nestle Purina, it’s known to follow strict AAFCO dog health requirements when preparing snacks as well as wet and dry foods. It’s a widely preferred brand because it tastes incredible, includes richly nutritious, organic, wholesome ingredients. It contains quality nutrition to encourage normal growth and development in canines of all ages. In fact, Beneful has tailored meals to furnish the needed nutrients irrespective of a dog’s health condition, age, gender, size, weight and physical/mental abilities. Beneful has about twenty different varieties of wet food, snacks and dry recipes for canines. It’ll furnish a rich daily dose of omega ingredients, antioxidants, and other needed elements. It’s balanced and complete, thus promoting long-term development in dogs.

Smart Business with Susan McGalla


Women have been advancing in their careers over the years but for Susan McGalla on paulandlindagaume she has been a benchmark for many. She received her first degree in Business and Marketing and has since brushed shoulders with the high and mighty serving in different capacities. She has also set a high standard which many women aspire to achieve. Susan McGalla began her career in 1986 working as a marketer and also as a manager. Later she moved to American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. working in different managerial positions. Finally she became the president and chief merchandising officer of the company. Having been in charge of the launch of aerie and 77kids brands, she has emerged as a reliable woman in the industry. Currently, she serves with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here now is her success story.

Creative consulting

After thrusting the American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. into great heights, she moved to establish a private consultancy business is in 2009. This involved advising people in the retail plus financial investment. This has seen many companies grow in leaps and bounds because she is able to blend her experience to tailor solutions for the clients. Later she established the P3 Executive Consulting where great success stories have emerged.

In the business of consulting, she has remained creative and highly multi-skilled. This has enabled her to steer growth for clients. She has over the years offered services which include marketing and talent management. The company also offers clients with branding solutions and operational efficiency. The experience she has gained from one level of management to another has helped her to give workable solutions to any need in a company. This makes her clients to walk away smiling and satisfied.

Inspiring women

Susan McGalla has not been hesitant to see the success of the girl child. She has thus inspired women by speaking her views on how to make it as a woman in the industry. This has seen many women getting mentored and succeeding. She has spoken in the Women and Girl’s Foundation in Pittsburgh. Susan has also been featured in the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series where CEOs share their stories on how to succeed. This has motivated the young, old and middle aged that yes they can make it in the corporate world even when it seems to be dominated by men.

Growing as a woman

Susan says that her success is founded by her childhood days’ mode of upbringing where she was taught to be confident. This has made her to always remain confident even in the presence of men who may appear as challengers. She also strongly believes that gender should not be a hindrance to achieving goals in life. Although American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. work force was dominated by men, she explains her zeal saw her rise the levels of management to becoming the CEO.

Atlanta Hawks Sold, Eyes on Future


Last season we saw the Atlanta Hawks go out and perform exceptionally well. The Hawks set a franchise record for wins in a the regular season while pushing past the second round of the playoffs for the first time in nearly 60 years. These on court successes showcased how far the Hawks had come under owner Bruce Levenson and the results were finally on full display for the loyal fans in the building every night. However, it appears that the off court victories might overshadow everything else, at least for the foreseeable future. Bruce Levenson of ajc sold the hawks this season.

We saw the Los Angeles Clippers franchise get sold a little over a year ago for an insane multi billion dollar number. The sale of the franchise set off a string of dominoes that dramatically altered the landscape of the NBA. Whenever a player gets paid big money, other players want similar payouts. The aforementioned concept holds particularly true in the market of NBA franchises. Due to the Clippers’ sale the Hawks saw their value explode and essentially double, going from $425 million to the $850 million number that the team ended up getting sold for.

Antony Ressler had been attempting to buy the Clippers when he was essentially priced out of contention by the billion dollar number. So when he saw that the Hawks were on the market for an acquirable number, he made his move. Working with a group that included former NBA star Grant Hill, Ressler managed to put together the $850 million that Levenson wanted for his Atlanta Hawks. The deal was completed after the finish of the Hawk’s postseason run and now Ressler and his group will assume control of basketball operations. The big question lingering for Atlanta fans is this: What will change, and what will stay the same?

The hope for most Hawk fans is that there is continuity in the form of coaching and playmaking. Coach Budenholzer showcased an elite offensive system last year with the team and his roster of players really bought into the system. With 4/5ths of his starting line up returning, as well as some nice new additions, it only makes sense that they will once again lean on the same concepts. As long as Ressler doesn’t try to dabble too much in the court related activities, Atlanta’s offense will remain in good shape.

Past their offensive questions, fans will quickly begin to wonder what kind of owner Ressler will be. Is he the kind of guy that will spend big to keep his roster in contention (resigning Paul Millsap points in this direction) or will he begin to pinch pennies, eager to recoup on his investment? With the NBA regular season aroudn the corner we will soon find out. In any event, the Eastern Conference is once again looking like it is growing in both talent and fan attention.

Dating Internationally Is Possible On The Skout Network


Want to meet someone from a different country? Those who are interested in dating someone else that lives in another country entirely can find what they’re looking for in online dating sites like Skout. Although the majority of people are dating online these days, everyone has their own preference as to what type of dating sites they choose. Many people are looking to date outside of the norm, and they are willing to date someone who doesn’t even live in the same country as them. Dating someone from another country is adventurous, but it’s also risky as well because it’s never known if the two will ever meet in person.

Two people can meet, even if they live on two different continents, but they must be committed to doing so. Someone who lives in the United States and the other person lives in Australia, they can come together on a dating website, and then they can eventually meet in person. Although not everyone is open to international dating, those that are must find the right website to date someone from another country. Anyone who is looking t socialize with others from another country as well as dating can try the Skout on instagram, which allows dating and socializing.

Skout is a perfect place for international dating because it’s a dating network, a socialize and network, and the network has over 180 countries currently on it. With so many countries on the Skout network, there’s no telling where people may meet someone that’s from a different region of the world. Language can also be a problem for someone who’s looking to date a person from a different country, but the Skout network can help with the entire process. The Skout network covers 14 different languages, so it makes it possible for a person to speak to others in their native tongue.

Language may not be a problem for certain people because a person may simply be dating someone from another country because that’s where they originate from. Say a Russian woman is talking to a man in Russia, then language isn’t a barrier, but distance is. Even if these two choose to date each other on the Skout network, they can still communicate until the time comes for them to meet in person. The Skout network supports two people talking with each other, but as far as traveling to meet each other, it’s completely up to the couple.

Skout can be a lot of fun for those who are into international dating, but the person must be realistic when they start the dating process. If someone is simply looking to socialize with another person from a different part of the world, then they can do so. Those who are looking the start a serious relationship with someone from an international destination should be prepared for the cost of seeking out the other person. International relationships started on the Skout network will eventually have to come to real-life when the two choose to meet each other for real.