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Image Recognition Will Forever Change Retail


Imagine going out with a friend and noticing their handbag. It is unique, like nothing you have ever seen before. Unfortunately, she received it as a gift and, therefore, has no idea where to buy it. A simple picture with a camera phone and voila, there it is, complete with a buy button. Two seconds later and it is on its way to its proud new owner.

Sound like something out of a science fiction movie? It is not, nor is it a technology that is way off in the distant future. It is called image recognition, and it is here to revolutionize the way retail is done.

Instant gratification is the buzz phrase of the century. We shop from home. Pay our bills online. We can even order a pizza simply by tweeting an emoji. Slyce is a pioneer that streamlines the way retail is done and takes our need to be instantly satisfied one step further with image recognition technology.

It is not just the end-user needs that are being met by immediately being able to purchase the things they see and love. While this will obviously add countless dollars to the bottom lines of merchants everywhere, the technology goes much further than that. Instant image recognition and tagging can be used on sites like Instagram to add product hashtags and information. The proprietary system even adds in marketing recognition with exact matching to print materials and billboards to generate even more sales on the fly.

Slyce’s slogan is “See it. Slyce it. Buy it”, and it is that simple. Gone are the days when an interested shopper had to enter keyword after keyword to find ‘it’, often to no avail. Visual search is the method of processing an image and its many attributes into a cohesive search engine of products with stunningly accurate results. It keeps getting better as well with the addition of more products.

Neiman Marcus is a retail pioneer giant that is utilizing visual search. The company added the technology to their app, initially testing on shoes and handbags in 2014. CMO Wanda Gierhart said the company wanted to be the first to bring it to the market, knowing the impact this breakthrough is going to make in the marketplace. While it augments regular search instead of replacing it, she says that the overwhelming response is a positive one, with customer feedback being one of complete amazement. In fact, the initial testing was so successful that the luxury retailer has added their full line of products to the ‘Snap. Find. Shop’ section of their application. With a reported 95 percent accuracy rate on the app, who could argue?

Magic Mike XXL – How Great Is This Movie?


Magic Mike is a film that follows the life of Mike Lane, and he is struggling with his daily life of being a stripper and also trying to find the love of his life. Magic Mike really followed his life and how he is currently handling the life of being a stripper. He eventually decided to retire from being a stripper and fell in love. Magic Mike XXL is simply a new addition to the story, and he actually decides to try coming back to the world of stripping because he misses the industry. In this new part, you’ll find that he is in the middle of either straying away from stripping or going right back.

The opportunity for him to come back begins with his friends heading back to a stripping convention. He eventually gets back on that stage to strip, and this film gives you many glimpses into his life as he gets back on track. Magic Mike XXL is a story if self discovery and passion. There is plenty of scenes of Channing and his costars getting very steamy on screen, and so it’s obvious to say that the women watching will enjoy he film regardless.

Channing Tatum teams up with a whole new cast with several people who came back to create a new stunning visual story. The film showcased the acting of newcomer actress, Crystal Hunt. She has acted in a multitude of films, but this role has helped get her name out there. Her acting is superb in the film, based off of the reviews given by critics and reviewers.

Fans can expect plenty of shirtless scenes and exciting moments between the male actors and the stage that they perform on. Magic Mike XXL has been well received by critics and fans, and the story has been able to help spread that openness about the lives of strippers.

Magic Mike XXL is a unique story and gives a great plot of Mike Lane’s adventures. The many guest stars is what helped make the film get well received reviews. Ellen’s Gardener also made a quick appearance in the film. The movie is definitely an interesting one for anybody wanting to watch the movie. It’s a great idea to watch the original film first just to get a good idea on the story since those does continue a bit in the original story. This film is definitely worth watching.

Corporate Finance and Investment Banking


One of the most common uses for investment banking firms is corporate finance. As a matter of fact, corporate finance is considered the aspect of investment banking which is traditional. With this section of investment banks, customers are assisted as they work to raise up funds in capital markets. Clients also receive advice when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. Investment firms deal with the funding sources as well as the structure of capital in corporations. They look at the actions of the managers and determine whether or not they are bringing in more value for the people that own some of the shares. Corporate finance works with the objective of increasing the shareholder to its maximum.

There are many people that are experienced in working with corporations to bring out the best value possible in their company. Among the people who hold great influence in the companies is James Dondero, co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He has also been appointed as president in other companies. His 30 plus years of experience in finances make him an influential figure when dealing with corporations and helping them increase their market value. He also helps people come to the best deals for mergers and acquisitions.

Co-founders and presidents of companies must have a lot of extensive knowledge and experience in corporate finance sin order to be able to run their businesses in an effective way. Another area of corporate finance that is very important is investment analysis. Investment firms definitely need this area. This is where the criteria is set in order to determine whether the investment should be financed with debt or equity capital.

Corporate finance is a very important area for investment firms. They have to make sure that the client is taking appropriate action that is going to bring about profits before they decide to grant the finances to the corporation. Different investment banks do have different criteria to meet. In this case, the company that is interested in seeking funds can either go to a different bank or work on meeting the criteria that is set in the bank of their interest. After all, it is never recommended to give funding to a company that is decreasing in value.

Why Many Economists Oppose Minimum Wage Laws


Most policy makers who support minimum wage feel that it’s a way of ensuring that unskilled workers have adequate incomes to provide for themselves and their families. Of course this is reasonable. However, economists believe that minimum wage laws are dreadful ways of achieving such a goal. The laws of demand and supply can be used to explain their argument.

The forces of demand and supply are applicable in the job market for unskilled workers. The price of the workers is the hourly wage that they get. At equilibrium, the number of unskilled workers looking for job opportunities equals the number of jobs that are available in their respective industries. However, the only problem is the fact that the equilibrium wage doesn’t provide satisfactory income for these workers. Minimum wage laws or policies are aimed at increasing the income of these unskilled workers by calling for employees to pay these workers higher wages than they would if the law was non-existent.

Minimum wage can be said to fall under a type of price control called price floor. The minimum wage laws don’t allow the price to drop beneath given point or the floor. So the minimum wage is above the equilibrium wage. However, at prices above the equilibrium wage, the quantity of available labor (unskilled workers) exceeds the demand (number of unskilled job vacancies that the employers are offering). Accordingly, at prices that are above the equilibrium, unskilled labor is in surplus.

Whether the minimum wage has fulfilled the objective of providing unskilled labor with satisfactory income or not is debatable. The unskilled workers with jobs are considerably better off because they are earning higher wages. However, their unemployed counterparts who would have been employed if the minimum wage was non-existent remain in the unemployed state with these laws. So are the laws helping these unskilled workers by creating polices that require employers to reduce the number of unskilled workers in the industries?

This is the main reason why many economists are opposing the minimum wage laws—because the laws are far from reaching their intended objectives. Instead of implementing the idea of increasing the income of unskilled workers, therefore, policy makers can look for alternatives to the minimum wage because they are there.

Great economists such as Christian Broda have proposed alternatives such provision of education and training, more income, and basic items (such as housing, food, and clothing). Christian Broda is the current managing director and lead economist at the Duquesne capital management. He has tenured as professor at the prestigious university of Chicago and Booth school of business. Christian Broda has also served as the head of International Research at the Barclays/Lehman Capital between 2008 and 2010.

Investing Should Be Done Carefully


Every person probably considers making an investment at some point of their life. There is just something thrilling about the thought of their money going into something bigger than what they could do with it on their own. But, many people get too excited about it and end up making bad investments. They do things too soon, without thinking them though, and then they live to regret the decisions that they have made. It is money lost for them, and there is no getting it back.

Many people do things that way when it comes to making investments, but then there are also the kind of people who succeed in all of the investments that they decide to make Brad Reifler is a good example of someone who knows what he is doing when it comes to investing. He is a smart businessman, a successful entrepreneur, and he is someone who knows a lot about investing and what will make people successful when they do so.

So, even though everyone may consider investing at some point in their life, and even though it may seem like a good idea at the time, it is smart for everyone to just take a step back and consider it for a moment. If they still want to invest, then they should carefully consider what they are investing in and look to someone like Brad Reifler as an example.

A Complete Guide on What to Feed Your Dog


Dog food is self-explanatory. It is food that is specifically produced for consumption by dogs. Though their digestive system is built to mainly digest meat, dogs have over time managed to eat meat and non-meat food including leftovers from human beings. The best time of dog food is usually made commercially. Dog owners spend up to $8.5 billion annually on dog food in the United States only.

Commercially made dog food is made with quality animal feed ingredients and is either packed in dry, wet or canned form. Dry food contains about 6 to 10 percent moisture against 60 to 90 percent contained in canned and wet food. There are also semi-wet food that contain about 35% moisture. Most dog owners are in preference of dry food for purposes of convenience and cost.

Wet food usually has higher levels of proteins and fat. There is also a variety of alternative food that comes in different forms. Some of these are frozen that comes raw or cooked, dehydrated, homemade, vegetarian and fresh. Some of the ingredients commonly used to manufacture dog food include meat and bone meal, animal by-products, offal, sugar sweeteners and animal digest.

Nestle Purina PetCare Company have recently a brand of dog food going by the name of Beneful dog food. Their food is made with the best ingredients including meat, vegetables rich in vitamins and much more. Their dog food is made in such a way that it has the best of taste and nutrients that are meant to nourish your pet from the inside out.

They have a 100 percent balanced diet.

Some of the nutrients they use are as follows. Corn which is inexpensive and has a high energy content to keep your dog energetic all the time. Chicken by-product meal which basically contains up to 300% more protein than is contained in the whole chicken.

It also contains necessary amino acids needed for development and body building of your dogs. It also contains corn gluten meal that has about 60% protein and it boots the total protein level in the food which is a very important factor to consider when choosing the right type of dog food. Their food also contains animal food that is essential for a balanced diet to be achieved. There are also meat, soy flour, meat and bone meal which all help boost the protein level in the food. On average this food contains 31% protein, 14% fat and 47% carbohydrates. Taking a look at the ingredients it is clear that Beneful is a quality food product that can be fed to your dog.

Packaging of dog food is quite similar to human food. Regulations state that it should be properly sealed to take away the risk of contamination. Dry food is mostly packed in multi-wall paper bags and sometimes a thin plastic layer is placed. Wet food is packed in aluminum and steel. Before buying any dog food make sure it is properly sealed and that it has the best ingredients for a healthy and balanced diet.

Hire A Realtor To Help You Find Great New York City Real Estate


Stop what you’re doing right now, and take a moment to listen. You’ve decided that you’re going to move, and you’ve picked up the local rent magazines haven’t you? Although it’s understandable that the first place you want to look is in the rent magazines, you also have to understand that not every available place to rent is in that magazine. What about if you’re looking for a new house, do you think that all the houses in New York City will be listed in a magazine or newspaper? Maybe you have gone online instead, and you feel that you can find your new place that way. No matter what you’ve tried to do to find your new home, you may not be as successful finding a home unless you hire a real estate agent.

You may be thinking to yourself that a real estate agent is a waste of time, and maybe you’ll be more successful finding a home on your own, but how successful have you been so far? Maybe you’ve been looking for days or weeks, and you still haven’t found the best place to live. Maybe you’re looking for several amenities in a new home, but you haven’t found the right place yet. It can be very frustrating to have to look for a new home, especially since you more than likely have to work on a regular basis. If you’re tired of all the runaround when it comes to finding your new home, then stop doing the same things, and try something different by hiring a real estate agent.

A real estate agent is like your employee, and they’ll work directly for you to help you find your new home. Even if you’re not looking for a house, your real estate agent can still be very helpful. You’d be surprised at what kind of listings of real estate agency will have, especially in New York City. In New York City Real Estate is the agency to work with. Not only does the agency have some incredible listings, but their knowledgeable staff can help anyone to find a great home. There’s only a few requirements to work with Town Real Estate, but they are not strenuous requirements.

You’re required to give the budget that you want to stay within, you also need to list any amenities or features you want in your new home, and it’s wise to let your agent know exactly where you’d like to live. If you give your agent all the necessary information, then they may be able to find you a home a lot quicker than you would find one on your own. Town Real Estate is a great agency, and they can help you find your next home.