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Kim Kardashian Maternity Bras


Every girl needs a good go to full coverage bra, our bodies may all be different but any woman with ample breasts knows the struggle of flimsy bras at the wrong time. Being pregnant is one of the hardest times to buy a bra, because your breasts are constantly changing. One minute you are a comfortable C cup and the next a DD, it is both confusing and frustrating to accommodate an ever changing pair of breasts. Kim Kardashian knows better than everyone these days that finding a good bra is one hard thing to deal for a woman to tackle.

Recently Kim was making her way through LAX on her way to Cannes, when her super tiny shirt refused to stay put, her cleavage was more than exposed, and of course photogs were snapping away the entire time. Once the photos hit the internet, it actually looked as if Kim wasn’t wearing a shirt at all. She was holding her jacket together, and trying to pull her top up at the same time and still the world got a full shot of her breasts said Zeca Oliveira.

It’s no shock to see Kim was shopping for bras this weekend in London at Rigby & Peller. Apparently Kim took some time to go to the shop and look for a some much needed support for her growing breasts, of course Kim is still keeping it sexy in her second trimester so she’s not looking for just anything to hold the girls up. Kim should totally write the book on maternity wear, for sexy moms on the go.

Man Ticketed for Warning Drivers of Speed Trap


Are you able to exercise your first amendment rights and warn people about a police speed trap? Not the universal flashing headlights you typically see, but a sign held up warn oncoming cars? Not in Seattle according to CBS.com.

Daniel Gehlke made a sign on a Rubbermaid lid that read “Cops Ahead!,” and about five minutes later a cop was writing him a citation for $138.

“I’m with the Seattle Police Department and I’m informing you that the sign is against the law,” said Officer Elliott.

Gehlke inquired about the specific law he’d broken and the police officer explained that Gehlke had a “forbidden devices or sign.” According to the officer, Seattle law prohibits people from holding informational signs that say ‘stop’ or ‘turn’, or gives directions.

Apparently, that’s prohibited. “I believe it’s complete nonsense,” said Gehlke. “Clearly my hand written sign is not a stop sign and they are overstepping.”

Gehlke plans on having his day in court to fight the citation. And he intends on holding the Rubbermaid sign – and omitting “stop” to make the police happy.

A Diddy Dally You Could Call It


One might say that Diddy has got himself into a dally. You could call it a Diddy dally if you’d like. The notorious hip hop mongrel, I mean mogul was was in trouble after a fight that occurred with coach of a College football team named UCLA. I guess did he thought debt he had the right to get into a fight with a coach at UCLA’s athletic facility. Justin combs the Sun of duty is a defensive back on UCLA’s team. This new charge which unfortunately will probably just add to his popularity was assault with a deadly weapon. and no it wasn’t his rapping it was a kettle-bell.Luckily there were no injuries which were serious . Sources report that Diddy is behind bars at UCLA’s campus jail. According to Jaime Garcia Dias look for more from UCLA’s Director of Media Relations as he told USA Today when facts are sorted from fiction they will be available. Some thought that this happened because coaches were using a screaming tough tactic. This tactic was used while his son Justin practiced. Diddy happened to be watching. Allegedly he decided to grab the coach in his office to question his strength and conditioning exercise. looks like Daddy will need to learn a little strength and conditioning to help him exercise a better temper in the future himself. hopefully this is a learning lesson for all involved.

Kylie Jenner Creepy Fan Drama Caught On Camera


As i Kylie Jenner’s Instagram beef with Blac Chyna has taught people nothing, it looks like she is still letting the world know that she is not the girl to mess with. Lately Kylie has had to develop some tough skin, she’s young, rich and famous, someone somewhere is always have something to say and that is just a cross she will have to bare. After admitting to using temporary fillers to enhance her lips, it seemed like social media was ready to stone Kylie for daring to do anything to alter her looks. Brad Reifler says Kylie now has to be careful with everything she says and does, because everything can be turned into her next reason for trending on the internet.

This week while out doing some shopping, Kylie had to put a rude fan in his place. When she arrived to her car a man was waiting there to record her, video of the incident shows Kylie as she arrives to her car with bag in her hands as the man proceeds to continually ask her “What that mouth do,” without bothering to even look the crazy guy in the face Kylie tells him to “Get the F**K out of my face,” and opens her car door as if he didn’t even exist.

Clearly Kylie is used to things like this happening, because she didn’t appear to be bothered or shaken one bit. Even if crazy men with cameras is the norm, most 17 year old girls would be a little scared for their safety.

Karrueche Tran Seen Hanging Out With Memphis Depay


Karrueche Tran has moved on past the hurt that she received from Chris Brown. Karrueche is hurt over the fact that Chris had a child outside of their relationship. Karrueche Tran & Memphis Depay. Karrueche has been the subject of many tabloids lately because Chris Brown cheated on her, and he had a child with a woman that he slept with only once. After Chris Brown did a secret DNA test, he found out that Royalty is his daughter. Chris has stepped up, and he has been a good father to Royalty.

Karrueche didn’t want to interfere with Chris being a father, and she didn’t want the drama either, so she moved on and left Chris behind. Karrueche has been spotted out going to clubs with her friends, but many were waiting for her to get back with Chris Brown. It’s been months, and Karrueche is staying strong, and she refuses to go back to her ex. In fact, in recent weeks, Chris forced his way into an Uber car that she had hailed, and he also broke the windows in her home when he tried to get in.

Karrueche asked Chris to leave her alone, and she has been spotted in Miami with Memphis Depay. Memphis is a soccer player for Manchester United, and he signed a multimillion dollar deal with the soccer team. Although it’s unknown if these two are dating, Sam Tabar mentions in his LinkedIn profile that Depay would be an upgrade from Chris Brown,

Rob Zombie to Helm Grouch Marx Biopic


Sam Tabar told us that Rob Zombie is an eclectic individual. After gaining ground as a musician with White Zombie and a solo career, Zombie moved on to making films like 2003’s “House of 1,000 Corpses” and a remake of “Halloween.” Although Zombie has developed a reputation among the horror genre from his music and film endeavors, Zombie’s latest cinematic project will discuss the twilight years of American comedian Groucho Marx after having gained rights to the book “Raised Eyebrows,” the memoirs of Marx’s last secretary. Oren Moverman is credited as the screenwriter while Zombie will serve as director and producer, the latter of which through Cold Iron Pictures. Zombie has stated that he is a huge fan of the comedian and has read a multitude of books about the man. He went on to add that reading “Raised Eyebrows” inspired him to put Marx’s tale to film.

Zombie has wanted to leap away from a horror focus for some time. After a previous project, “Broad Street Bullies,” was tucked away from disinterest, the opportunity to pursue filming a biopic about Groucho Marx seems to be one of the most esoteric shifts that Zombie could ask for.

Walking Dead Co-Stars Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus Together!


If you aren’t all caught up on the hit AMC zombie series, ‘The Walking Dead’, then you should probably quit reading. In the post apocalyptic world that ‘The Walking Dead’ inhabits there were two characters that became fast fan favorites. Norman Reedus became the surprising star of the show with his made-for-TV character Daryl. According to Facebook, Emily Kinney burst onto the scene in season two as the sweet singing Beth. Beth and Daryl were two characters thought to have a romantic spark in between them but they never got to see anything fulfilled, as Beth was killed off in the first half of this past season. Now, the real life actors have hooked up!

Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus have been making the rounds together at various ‘Walking Dead’ themed comic conventions so it doesn’t exactly surprise us to see that they have become at least somewhat intimate. Rumors say that they are romantically linked together, but all outward signs show that they are simply close.

Reedus, 46, has seen a meteoric rise in his fame after becoming a fan favorite on ‘The Walking Dead’. Thanks to his work on the show it looks like Reedus will be landing another ‘Boondock Saints’ film to add to his collection. Kinney has been playing her music and branching out from more than just the TV work that she has been consigned to for the better part of the past five years.

Rachel Dolezal Does A TV Interview


Susan McGalla told that the whole case with Rachel Dolezal has become such a strange one, that it won’t leave the front pages of the newspapers. The funny thing about the entire situation is the fact that Rachel says she identifies herself as black, but she was born white. Rachel Dolezal Lawsuit. In fact, Rachel is estranged from both of her parents, but they have done an interview, and they state that Rachel was born white. Rachel even sued Howard University back in 2002, and she claimed that they discriminated against her because she is white.

It’s funny that she would sue a predominantly black university for discrimination, especially since she claims that she identifies herself as black. The facts are that Rachel is German and Czech, and she has no African-American blood in her whatsoever. In fact, her parents had adopted children of African-American descent, and her own siblings have been offended by the fact that she is trying to pass herself off as black.
Many believe that Rachel is trans-racial, which is similar to being transgender.

Although Rachel was born as a white woman, she identifies herself as a black woman. Rachel has even dressed, talked like, and acted as if she is black. Some may wonder how you can talk and act like your black, but this is in a stereotypical sense. Even looking at Rachel’s amazing hairstyles, she definitely has the look of being black woman.

Kylie Jenner Picks Her Nose On SnapChat With Tyga


Tyga and Kylie Jenner are the cutest couple, and regardless of the bumpy start to their relationship they seem to be strong and in love. Last week Kylie and Tyga were together in Disneyland celebrating North West’s birthday with Kim,Kanye and the enire family. Tyga brought his son King along for the day, and there didn’t seem to be any weirdness. Kanye for one loves Tyga like a little brother, and seens nothing wrong with his relationship with Kylie as he said during his Breakfast Club morning show interview months back. We are getting comfortable seeing Kylie and Tyga together and everyone adore watching them goof around and have a good time.

In a recent Snapchat Kylie is seen in the car having a lighthearted good time why Tyga, when she got a little too comfy and started picking her nose. In the background we could hear Tyga’s reaction to Kylie nose picking antics. Kylie laughed and Tyga seemed amused and grossed out all at the same time. One thing about Kylie and Tyga, is that they seem to be very comfortable being themselves around each other. Kylie doesn’t have to pretend to be more mature than she is for Tyga and he can relax and have fun with her.

Fans at Boraie Development know that, now that Kylie is okay with picking her nose in front of Tyga and on camera, she is pretty much in perfect relationship territory. Tyga loves Kylie and just wants her to be happy and be herself, this is probably the first time since she started living her life on TV that shes been able to kick and and just be herself.

Tyga And King Go To Disneyland With The Kardashians For North’s Birthday Bash


Tyga and Kylie are not about let anyone keep them from each other, and lately they have been more public than ever. For so long it seemed like the only thing they could do was pretend that nothing was going on between them and their relationship was just platonic, but after watching them become jointed at the hip over the holidays it is safe to say that Kylie and Tyga are way more than just friends. Now that Kylie is just a few weeks away from independence they seem more than comfortable out in the open as a couple. We still haven’t even seen them holding hands in public but they are clearly together.

Sam Tabar of Shulte Roth noted that over the Easter weekend Tyga accompanied Kylie and her family to church and even brought along his son King Cairo for the festivities. Now we see Tyga one again blending in with the Kardashian family as he joined them to Disneyland to celebrate North West’s 2nd birthday at the happiest place on earth. Once again Tyga brought his son along for the fun, and some adorable photos are surfacing of the outing.

According to sources not only are Kylie and Tyga ready to tell the world about them, but they are ready to get married. Apparently Tyga is ready to leave LA and he wants to take Kylie with him, but is Kylie ready to leave her family and start over in a new place? For now we can only wait and watch, baby steps.