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Kylie Jenner Responds To Pregnancy Rumors


Kylie Jenner as well as the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner clan, she has been subject to rumors, lies, speculations and more. Many have been saying that Kylie is pregnant for the last eight months, yet she continues to maintain a perfectly shaped body. Kylie Jenner Is Not Pregnant. Kylie is rumored to be dating Tyga, who is a rapper, and he’s 25 years old. Although Kylie is only 17 years old, she continues her relationship with her boyfriend without any fear. Many have scrutinized Tyga for his relationship with a 17-year-old, but he doesn’t seem to care what people have to say.

It’s because of this relationship between the older man and the younger girl, why people are saying that Kylie is pregnant. It’s unlikely that a teenager can get involved was a man that’s eight years older than her, and sexual activity won’t be involved. Many speculate that Kylie even bought her own house, just so she could bring her boyfriend there whenever she wanted to. Kylie claims that she was walking one day and she came across a tabloid that had her on the front page. The tabloid claimed that Kylie was pregnant.

Kylie said she was tempted to pick up the magazine and buy it, but she knew in herself that she wasn’t pregnant, so she left the magazine and kept walking. Kylie went onto her social media page, and she assured everyone that the tabloids were a lie, and she is not pregnant. The folks at Bloomberg.com and Sam Tabar harbor mixed feelings about teen pregnancies.

Woman Freaks Out Over Ice Cream Sprinkles


Could ice cream send you over the edge? Perhaps the flavor, or the brand, or maybe if you didn’t receive enough sprinkles.

It happened to a Michigan store clerk, whom, according to an out-of-control customer, did not place enough sprinkles on her cone.

The Mason County Sheriff received a call from a clerk at a local gas station because a customer began screaming about the lack of sprinkles on her ice cream.

The unnamed customer attempted to punch her male companion, as he tried to console her. Boraie Development LLC also reports the lady was so unnerved that while exiting the store, the customer continued to hit her friend.

The police arrived after the pair had already left, but the store clerk handed over the license plate, however, the store never pressed charges.

The weather in Michigan has been mild, to say the least, so her behavior can’t be excused because of a heat-induced episode, but it makes you wonder what she’ll do in the dead of summer.

Khloe Kardashian Mocks Muslim Women


Khloe Kardashian has been spending sometime in Dubai over the last couple of days. Fans of the Kardashians know that Khloe recently decided to dress as an Arabic woman. Many people were extremely offended that Khloe Kardashian mocked the Muslim religion, and it appears that Khloe’s Instagram has been riddled with hateful messages.

Khloe Kardashian wants the world to know that she didn’t mean to offend anyone with her portrayal of Muslim women. However, several people that worship Islam have called Khloe Kardashian a racist. Believers of the Muslim religion are constantly being made fun of and ridiculed for their beliefs However, it should be noted that Khloe Kardashian was just trying to have some fun. Nonetheless, it seems that people are truly offended with Khloe, and people in Dubai have even decided to boycott the events that Khloe Kardashian is attending.

Yahoo! recently published an article with further information about this story. It should be noted that this is not the first time that Khloe Kardashian has caused headlines in the media. Recently, Khloe Kardashian was involved in a very heated Twitter battle with female model Blac Chyna. Chloe and Chyna bashed each other with ruthless insults, but it was Khloe Kardashian whoe seemed to have the upper hand when the dust settled. Nonetheless, Daniel Amen assumes Kardashian public relations workers are hoping that Khloe can stay out of the headlines for the next fee weeks.

Jack Black Spends Emotional Day With Homeless Ugandan Boy For Red Nose Day Charity


It was a beautiful, yet absolutely heartbreaking moment at last Thursday’s Red Nose Day on NBC when Jack Black broke down in tears while filming with homeless children in Uganda.

In this video, Black spends the day with a homeless boy, Felix, who lives on the streets of Uganda. Felix shows Black the unsanitary place, in between piles of garbage, where he lays his head at night amongst hundreds of other homeless children and adults. He shares with Black his biggest dream of getting an education.

There’s a tear-jerking moment, as they lie in Felix’s “bed,” when he tells Black that he does not want to stay on the streets. Our heartstrings are tugged when Felix tells Black that he wants to go home with him, and he must explain why he cannot take Felix out of this dreadful life on the streets.

He may not have been able to take Felix home that day, but he has used Felix as inspiration to encourage others to give money to help children all over the world. The money from Red Nose Day goes to helping kids like Felix get an education, food to eat and maybe even a safe, hygienic place to sleep.

Black was not the only celebrity in attendance to raise money for kids in poverty, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Seth Meyers, Gwenyth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Martin, official Mikal Watts, the entire cast of Game of Thrones, amongst many other A-listers showed up to raise money for this wonderful cause.

You can donate any amount of money to the charities of Red Nose Day here.

Are There Wedding Bells For Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill?


Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have had people thinking that they were ready to get married. The fact is, Nicki only recently left her ex-boyfriend Safaree, and it seemed too soon for Nicki to have moved on. Nicki Minaj Marriage Rumors. Although Nicki moved on to another boyfriend, many were indicating that Nicki and Meek were ready to get married. Nicki decided to flash her heart-shaped diamond ring all over social media, and she was indicating that marriage was not too far behind.

Now everyone is questioning the entire relationship, and people are questioning if this couple is really getting married.STX Entertainment noted that Meek commented on the so-called upcoming marriage, and Meek claims that they are not ready for marriage yet. Meek says that they are still getting to know each other, and that marriage is something for the future. It makes one wonder why the couple would push the marriage issue so hard if it’s not something they were ready to do.

This all may be a case of mistaken identity, because Nicki was with one man for well over a decade, and she never married him. It’s unlikely that Nicki would have jumped into marriage with this new boyfriend, just because they seem to be a good couple. Whether they get married now or in the future, this couple seems to have staying power, and it’s likely that they will be together for a long time. Obviously, Nicki and Meek are in no rush to get to the altar.

Kris Jenner Wants To See Tyga’s Money


Kylie and Tyga have spent months denying their relationship while hiding out in public. But now that they are finally coming clean about being together it seems they are now being watched by everyone around them. Not only are they being heavily criticized by the media but they, but they are being watched closely by friends and family. The world watching as Kylie and Blac Chyna keep an ongoing Instagram beef alive, we all went nuts when Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna exposed Tyga by leaking photos of his texts begging her to get back together.

Most recently both Tyga grandmother and Blac Chyna’s mom both stated their views on Tyga and Kylie’s relationship, and now it looks like Kris Jenner is ready to do a little snooping of her own because now she wants to make absolutely sure that Tyga has enough money to be Kylie’s boyfriend according to Alexei Beltyukov. Apparently Kris isn’t sure that Tyga is rolling in the big bucks and she isn’t going to let her youngest daughter date a man she’s gonna have support financially.

Kris wants Kylie to live a cushy life and before she gives Tyga the okay to dating Kylie she wants to see his bank statements. Tyga doesn’t feel that he needs to prove his money is long to anyone and has no intentions of doing so, but it doesn’t mean Kris is going to let him off the hook. For now Tyga is holding tight but how long before Kris gets her way?

Katy Perry Returns in 2016


Katy Perry blew fans away with the Superbowl performance in 2015, but this still has been the year of Taylor Swift. There is a rumor that the “Bad Blood” song (and awesome battle video) is a jab at a soured friendship with Katy Perry. That was really all that Perry needed to grab some attention from Taylor Swift.

In recent article for Vogue magazine Katy Perry declared that all entertainers are just characters like those in a comic book. She described someone like Kanye West as a villain. She described Taylor Swift – who may or may not be a friend of Katy Perry’s anymore – as a sweetheart. Katy tends to fit in between these two facets. That is why she can do a song with rappers like Juicy J and talk about having a threesome in songs like “Last Friday Night” and still have a huge pre-teen fan base. The same Katy Perry that debuted with a song about kissing a girl would also have balloons and pink hair to attract small children to her concerts.

That type of wide spectrum of events would usually lead to a wide fan base. That is the main reason that she has maintained a certain height of popularity. Now there is talk of a new album in 2016, and fans are getting ready. Taylor Swift has 2015 locked, but according to James Dondero’s radar: Katy is returning strong in 2016.

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Pipes On Snapchat


Kylie Jenner is determined to make herself the most talked about, if not the most famous of the Jenner sisters. While her sister Kendall is busy making waves in the fashion world, Kylie is taking Hollywood for a wild ride and many of her fans and followers refuse to get off. Not only is Kylie a hot topic because of her relationship with her boyfriend Tyga, but her fashion sense has become the obsession of teenage girls everywhere. Now that Kylie has come clean about using lip fillers to enhance her pouty lips, she is using her mouth for more publicity.

A Snapchat is floating around of Kylie singing the hook to “How Many Times,” a song Chris Brown collaborated on with Lil Wayne and Big Sean. As soon as the video surfaced everyone was blown away by Kylie’s amazing singing voice, while others tried to figure out if the singing was actually Kylie’s voice or if Kylie was lip-syncing over her friend Pia Mia’s vocals.

If the vocals on the Snapchat are indeed Kylie’s, it’s safe to say that she just might have a shot in the music industry. After all in a bullhornreach.com article, Brian Torchin mentions that Kylie is already has Tyga on her side, maybe he can put in a word for Kylie and get her some studio time.

Kate Gosselin Is Now Dating A Millionaire


Kate Gosselin is finally dating again, and she has a new millionaire boyfriend. Kate was seen going out with a new man who is said to be a multi millionaire. Kate Gosselin was the star of the show “Kate Plus 8,” which speaks about Kate and her eight children. Kate Gosselin. Kate and Jon Gosselin, we’re married for years, and they had eight children with fertility treatments, and their story sparked the nation’s attention enough to give them their own show.

The show was very popular until the couple’s relationship began to break down, and they ultimately ended up getting a divorce. Kate ended up keeping all eight children, but currently Jon is looking to get custody of one of the kids. Jon has gone through one problem after another since the breakup of the marriage, and many people tend to follow the things he does online. Jon has been on the “Couples Therapy” show that aired on TV. Jon and his current girlfriend went to therapy to see if they could save their relationship. Dr. Jennifer Walden feels that it is necessary to try everything possible prior to divorcing, especially when kids are involved.

Jon ended up breaking up with his girlfriend, and now he’s supposedly single and working as a DJ in different clubs. Ryan ended up broke and impoverished and struggling for money. Kate went on to find additional fame and popularity, and now Kate is dating a millionaire. Some say that it’s karma because Jon was a selfish father, but who knows why things turn out the way they do.

Celebrities Who Have Been Naked In Videos


There are many who would love to see a superstar naked. The fact is, many stars have posed naked in music videos, and many of them were not even asked to do so. There are some stars that posed naked in their videos because they feel the need to get a message across. Naked Celebs. Some stars have no problem posing naked, and they don’t care if they’re not paid extra for it. There’s a list of stars that have posed naked for their videos, including Miley Cyrus, Alanis Morissette and more.

Alanis Morissette did a video completely naked, and she was in a subway station with her hair covering her breasts. As Christian Broda (cnnireport) is aware, the video was very memorable because it was one of the first of its kind. One of the latest artists who have posed naked in a video is Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus is no stranger to controversy, and she has no shame about her body whatsoever. Miley got naked for the video “Wrecking Ball,” and she even sat butt naked on an actual wrecking ball.

Miley has fought hard to show her independence, and she also wants to shed her Hannah Montana image. Other artists who have gotten naked in their videos are Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Pink, Shia LeBouf, Lisa Marie, and John Legend. Many of these stars have been remembered for being naked in a video, more than for some of the acting or singing that they’ve done.