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Taylor Swift Trademarks “This Sick Beat”


Taylor Swift has surprised both fans and critics by trademarking the phrase “this sick beat.” The phrase is featured in her hit song, which is titled “Shake It Off.” The song is featured on her most recent album that was released in 2014. In addition to trademarking this phrase, Swift has also trademarked several other phrases from her latest album.

Bernardo Chua has learned that critics are saying that the famous singer is following a distasteful tradition that consists of mainstream artists trademarking seemingly common phrases. This practice tends to alienate even the most dedicated fans along with providing more fuel for the harshest critics. Lesser known artists are also resentful of this practice because it limits their creative freedom.

Business-oriented fans of Swift are pointing out that her latest actions have stemmed from a desire to make more money. Revenue from merchandise sales has become increasingly important for today’s most popular singers. Although Swift makes a sizable sum of money from her album sales and live appearances, merchandise is still a prevalent part of how she earns her living.

Trademarking signature phrases is a way of ensuring that Swift alone earns money from her musical work. Otherwise, any ambitious individual could print the artist’s lyrics on a piece of clothing or alternative product, making money with each sale. While some are saying that Swift’s latest business move is smart, others are worried that her actions are a danger to the creative freedom of people everywhere.

McDonald’s to get New CEO


After a year of declining sales, and more recently a horrendous quarter, the fast food chain known around the world is getting a new CEO. This past quarter’s numbers came in very low, with revenue falling 7% and profits dropped 19%. Because of the companies poor performance, the current CEO, Don Thompson, will be stepping down on March 1.

During Thompson’s reign, which is just short of three years, McDonald’s corporation continually saw declining sales as well as questions about how successful their future would be.

A new CEO has already been picked from within the company, Steve Easterbrook, who is currently the chief brand officer. On March 1 when he takes over CEO, he will also be president and gain a spot on the board of directors. People like Bernardo Chua have found that, amid this change, there has also been some restructuring in the financial department. Find more about Chua on Youtube.com. With stocks dropping 6% in the past year, these changes were necessary to ensure McDonald’s sees some positive growth.

More Questions Arise in the Death of Joan Rivers


Melissa Rivers has filed a lawsuit against the clinic, Yorkville Endoscopy, in connection with her mother’s death on September, 4th 2014.

Comedic legend Joan Rivers died from low blood oxygen during a medical procedure. According to the medical examiner’s office, Ms. Rivers succumbed from “anoxic encephalopathy due to hypocxic arrest” –A fancy term for brain damage due to lack of oxygen.

An inquiry will be made in attempt to thoroughly investigate the claims of medical malpractice. According to sources, the computer at the clinic also reveals Joan Rivers was given a huge dosage of Propofol. In addition, the dosage was incorrectly entered as twice the amount Joan was supposed to receive.

A staff member told the Dept. she made a mistake inputting the dosage and put in more than twice the actual amount give to Joan. Further negligence is suspected after reports of numerous irregularities, i.e., taking cell phone photos, failure to keep proper records and performing additional procedures without informed consent, namely an unplanned laryngoscopy .

Rivers was placed in an induced coma for a week prior to her death at the age of 81. Fans of Joan, like Bernardo Chua, are interested to know the findings of this. More on Chua is available at Zoominfo.com.

With This Ring…


Sometimes we do not even know what is happening in our neighbor’s lives and when we hear shouting and fussing we call the police. This happened in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. Neighbors complained of a domestic dispute going on in a house next door.

When officers arrived they found an elderly couple that could not even afford groceries so the husband had pawned their wedding rings. The husband said it was increasingly difficult to take care of his wife because of her dementia and had no option but to pawn the rings. Having no protocol for a situation like this, the officers as good, decent, men knew exactly what to do.

People like Brian Torchin are glad to know that the case was settled when nine of the officers and five civilians opened their hearts and wallets and gathered enough money to buy back the ring for $130 and buy $150 dollars in groceries. More on Torchin available at Angel.co.

That would have solved the situation for that problem for that day if they had not pursued an answer to the couple’s dilemma . After 54 years of marriage h e was trying to take care of his wife whose dementia was getting worse and he couldn’t leave her to work to provide for themselves. The true gift they gave the couple were to get them involved with The Alzheimer/s Society and the Community Care Center.

The policemen will all be receiving commendations soon from the police serrvices board.

The New Miss Universe


The Miss Universe pageant is probably the most important pageant in the world. Most countries have individual pageants in order to select the top candidate and this individual then goes in to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. This yeah, Miss Columbia received the award, as 22-year-old Paulina Vega received the award.

Naturally, there is not going to be a competition without some sort of conspiracy theories. My friend Gianfrancesco Genoso says to check this page out as far as that goes- http://redir.stf.jus.br/paginadorpub/paginador.jsp?docTP=TP&docID=614281

Many people thought that Miss Jamaica should have won the award, but she finished fourth. When it was announced that she had finished fourth, boos shot out throughout the room and many took to social media stating she did not win due to her race or even because of her short haircut.

The United State’s Nia Sanchez received the first runner up award, and should Paulina Verga prove incapable of holding her crown for the year, Nia will receive the award and she will be tasked to take on all of the duties that are given to Miss Universe.

New to the award ceremony this year was a costume contest, where each contestant would wear a costume designed to reflect upon their own customs from the country they came from. It really proved rather interesting with all of the different looks and styles that made way to the runway and it also helped breath some fresh air into the competition, which is something the competition did need.

Justin Bieber Spends the Weekend with Kendall Jenner



Justin Bieber has been all over social media recently, not only has he turned over a new leaf and become the sensitive, sweet guy the world fell in love with, but he has also become an undeniable sex symbol at the same time with is new Calvin Klein campaign. Recently Justin has been seen around L.A. buying meals for strangers, putting on impromptu acoustic performances and reading self help books. Now it looks like Justin is making some time for fun with friends.

Apparently Justin and Kendall Jenner spent an entire weekend together. They started their weekend partying with Diddy’s son Justin for at his 21st birthday, before going back to Justin’s house for a fun and fancy sleepover. Kendall was seen at Bieber’s house in the same clothes she wore the night before. They finished off their fun filled weekend with a friendly hike in Runyon Canyon stated noticias.uol.com.

Fans and followers of Jenner, like myself and Zeca Oliveira, are confused about the get together considering Kendall’s relationship with Justin’s on again off again girlfriend Selena Gomez. Kendall and Selena are fresh off their trip to Dubai, so it is a little strange to see her so close with Justin when Selena is nowhere to be seen.

Kim Kardashian Post Sexy Bikini Photo


Amber Rose broke the internet recently when she unleashed a series of sexy balcony photos of herself wearing a monokini that left nothing to the imagination. For days the only thing anyone could think of when her name was mentioned was curves and booty, even Amber’s ex husband Wiz Khalifa tweeted about the sexy photos. Of course the world and Haidar Barbouti waited for Kim to respond to the attention being thrown Amber’s way, and it didn’t take long.

While Kanye’s ex girlfriend Amber was taking the world by storm one photo at a time, Kim and Kanye were on a couples ski trip with some of Kim’s childhood friends. Apparently being on the ski slopes didn’t keep Kim from seeing the sexy photos that had Amber’s name all over social media, because she didn’t waste any time with a photo of her own. In fact judging from the photo Kim posted to her Instagram account, it looks like Kim stripped down to a bikini right there on the ski slopes and got to snapping.

Mrs. West posted a sexy bikini photo, but she wasn’t standing on the beach. Kim’s photo shows the reality start standing outside in the snow wearing nothing but a fur bikini and matching fur boots. It’s no shock that Kim jumped at the chance to reclaim her spot as the body of the internet and without a doubt she was letting Amber know that Kanye wasn’t missing out on anything.

Does Kim’s sexy photo seem like a desperate attempt to keep all eyes on her? Or was she simply doing what she does best?

Kim Kardashian One Ups Amber Rose With Sexy Bikini


Kim Kardashian is not used to anyone breaking the internet but her, much less the ex girlfriend of her husband Kanye West. Over the past few days Amber Rose has been flaunting her curves all over social media and of course everyone is taking notice and loving every minute. It all started with a series of photos Amber posted to her Instagram account wearing a sexy monokini, and ended with a back shot of Amber on a jetski. The photos did more than break the internet, even Amber’s ex husband Wiz Khalifa was caught off guard by the photos. Now it looks like Kim K is here to reclaim her rightful spot as the body of social media.

Without warning Kim posted her own bikini photos to her Instagram and while shes not exactly soaking up warm sun rays she looks just as hot. Kim’s photo is taken outside in the snow wearing nothing but a fur bikini and furry boots. It’s hard to think of the last time Kim didn’t look hot, so while her photos are gorgeous, what’s new?

Apparently Kim asked Kanye to take the sexy photos while they were away on their couples ski trip, and while they could have nothing to do with Amber’s recent photos fans like Zeca Oliveira can’t help but wonder if Kim is just too thirsty for attention.

Russell Brand Defends Bruce Jenner’s Possible Transition


The divorce between Kris and Bruce Jenner is finally official. The couple split and Bruce got a nice split of the property plus 3 million just to even things out. Kris Jenner seems to have moved on rather quickly, she has been spotted out and about with Chris Gamble and the two appear to be getting serious, they even did some major bumping and grinding at Lance Bass’s amazing wedding.

Recently Intouch magazine has been getting some negative feedback for digitally enhancing Bruce’s photo on the cover to make him appear to have on blush, lipstick, earrings and nail polish. The magazine claimed that Bruce is in the middle of transitioning from male to female. While nobody has confirmed it, no one has denied it either and there is clearly some type of change going on.

Khloe recently posted a photo to her Instagram account of all the Kardashian and Jenner sisters posing with their dad. Bruce is in the middle of the girls smiling from ear to ear, however once again he does appear to be making some changes and Russell does not appreciate the public’s reaction to Bruce and he addressed the issue on his Youtube show The Trews.

“Transphobia seems to be the most recent and encouraged form of prejudice now that racism and homophobia are not tolerated. This is bullying. Stop. Stop Bruce Jenner is a human being.” Russell said.

As fan Gianfrancesco Genoso understands, it looks like whether Bruce is transitioning or not he has the support of his family and Russell Brand.

Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors


To say that Beyonce and Jay Z have been dodging rumors like crazy for years is an understatement. Most recently their breakup rumors were stemmed from the Jay-Z and Solange elevator fight video tape. Once the tape went public everyone had proof that there was trouble at the Carter house and Beyonce and Jay spent the entire summer on tour attempting to squash the rumors and speculations.

Just when it seems the coast was clear Beyonce tossed her fans and followers another bone when she posted a photo on her Instagram account of her buried in the sand with a huge smile and an even bigger sand baby bump. Of course the world went insane for days insisting that Beyonce was making a cryptic baby announcement, while a select few believed that the photo was just in good fun.

Well after a few days of guess that bump, Beyonce has been spotted out and about at the Brooklyn Nets game in New York wearing an outfit that stopped all the pregnancy rumors in their tracks. Bey strutted around court side in a pair of black skin tight high waisted jeans, and an equally tight black tee shirt tucked into her jeans leaving no doubt that she was with child. There was no baby bump in sight and even if she is pregnant she could only be a few weeks in.

The real question now is whether Beyonce is purposefully fueling rumors, or are her fans like me, christopher cowdray and others, just baby crazy?