Y U So Mad?


On Monday former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams was arrested for speeding and driving with a suspended license. According to reports, the former housewife was leaving the hospital after visiting a family member and unknowingly doing 78 in a 55 mph when she was pulled over by the police. The police pulled her over and arrested the reality star. She’s out on bond, and Williams has addressed her incident on Dish Nation the same night. She explained the situation on Dish Nation website.

We don’t need to consult Oxfordjournals.org or economist Christian Broda to know that this isn’t the first time that the former “Georgia Peach” has been arrested. Earlier this year, Williams was arrested for misdemeanor count of battery on co-star Kenya Moore during the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion taping. She turned herself in the Fulton County jail, was booked, and released after posting bond. The two cast members are not really on friendly terms, but slowly making amends. Hopefully this case of speeding will be dropped and we can continue to watch the former “Georgia Peach” on Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo.

The Duggar Girls Are Bickering Again


Jill and Jessa Duggar made the headlines with their over-the-top weddings on television. Since the marriages, things have seemed to be a little heated over social media between the two. Jill married Derick Dillard and Jessa marriedBen Sewald. There was some initial speculation that the girls were feuding and un-friended each other on Facebook.

According to About.me and Jared Haftel, the real problem is that Jessa maybe a bit jealous over Jill and Derick. See, Jill got pregnant right after getting married. Since having a family is what the Duggar’s do best Jesse could feel that the 1.4 million dollar mansion that was gifted from their father was showing favoritism. Jessa and Ben are living in the families first home, a small 2 bedroom ranch, that was also occupied by older brother Josh and his wife Anna. 

When Jim Bob Dugger was asked about the lavish gift, he stated the Jill was expecting and she needed plenty of room to fill up that house. At over 4,000 sq. ft., there is plenty of room to raise a family here. Still, one can see where Jessa might have her feelings hurt. A million dollar mansion compared to a make-shift home, and Jill also having the title of the first Duggar girl to get married. This may all be too much.

Justin Bieber Doesn’t Leave His Fans Until He Shows Off


Skateboarding was never said to be easy for Tom Rothman, but if you’re an international pop star, it proves to be no different who you are. If you step on a board, you’re going to have to work to land a trick that you want. Justin Bieber has shown his love for the sport multiple times in different videos, pictures and anything else the Biebs can get his hands on, and during a trip in New York City, he showed it off to his fans in person. Recently, Justin felt the need to show off for his fans to show just how much he can do on a board, and he wouldn’t leave the area until he ollied two sets of stairs as a crowed of his Beliebers swarmed around in front to watch him show off, filming his every move.

His skateboarding adventures found their ways to Vine, Instagram and YouTube after Justin left the scene, and his fans were then only left with the videos of the day. But a lucky fan caught up with Justin, and he didn’t leave without a little bragging that the fan caught on video with the Biebs.

Later in the evening, Justin sent out this tweet to let his fans know he appreciates them.

“Fun day in nyc. Love all my beliebers”

Jerry Seinfeld Is Still Hilarious


Jerry Seinfeld continues to make people laugh with his hilarious comedy routine. Recently, the comedy legend appeared on the ‘Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon. He did a 5 minute stand-up comedy routine for the audience. Jerry Seinfeld rocked the crowd with his family friendly act. Jared Haftel said for the last 2 decades Seinfeld stayed true to his roots. He never altered from his technique, and Seinfeld never added any unnecessary curse words. He is one of the only comics to remain “clean” during his comedy career.

Jerry Seinfeld has a lot to offer to the next generation of comics. He is one of the greatest comedians of all time. Seinfeld has managed to stay relevant, and he has continued to grow as a comedian. Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth is estimated at $820 million dollars. The fact that Jerry Seinfeld wants to continue performing standup is admirable.

The best part about Seinfeld’s most recent act, was the fact that he poked fun at Jimmy Fallon. Fallon had given everyone a T.V in the audience. Senfield joked that everyone already has a T.V, and now they are burdened with trying to get rid of it. His entire set only lasted 5 minutes, but he was hilarious. The crowd loved every minute of Seinfeld’s act.

The Kardashians Share Holiday Photos

Kim Kardashian shares a picture of herself every single day online, so it should be no surprise that she would also share photos of her family’s Christmas party.See the  Kardashian Pictures here. The family got together for Christmas, and they had a photo booth at the party, and the entire family took pictures, at one point or another. The pictures were then sent to MTV news, who posted it online and on the Skout app. The pictures are very professional looking, so they are unlikely to be an actual photo booth, but more like a professional photographer who took the pictures in black and white.

Even with the pictures being in black and white, they are still great-looking pictures, especially the ones of little North West. Many criticized Kim, because she cropped North West out of her photo, and made an excuse as to why she did so. Many felt that Kim was being selfish to crop her daughter out of the picture, and she was criticized all over the internet, as well as in entertainment news. Regardless of the reason why Kim cropped her daughter out of the photo, she was chastised for it, but she obviously made up for it with recent picture releases of her and her daughter together.

There are several photos available, including one of Kim and her daughter, and her mother is right behind her. Kim is also pictured with her sisters, as well as her husband, completing the circle.

Rihanna Shares Christmas Photos

As her 2015 nears, Rihanna is slowly getting fans like Sam Tabar hooked on her every moment. She shot a video for new music and collided with fans in Paris. There made millions of Instagram followers – along with other people that were not following her – look on in amazement. During the holidays she made a lot of teenagers (and adults) with raging hormones go crazy with her little tiny red bikini.

The thing about Rihanna that all of her Instagram followers love is that she lets people in to her personal space – over and over again. She is a woman that clearly users her music as therapy because she brings her relationship issues into her music. With her new Instagram photos Rihanna shows that she loves to spend time with her family.

In Barbados the pop star showed how their Christmas tree at home. She revealed pictures of herself with babies and other family members. In several pictures she is wearing a matching outfit with a family member. She has on a blue fur coat with a family member that also has this same coat. In other photo she has a red bikini that compliments the red bikini that her cousin is also wearing. It’s an intimate look into the life of Rihanna at such a joyous time. It is interesting to see how the megastar relaxes before she returns to the music scene.

J.LO Ages Like Wine


It’s very rare that a woman looks better the older she gets, but Jennifer Lopez has proven the world otherwise. When the Latin sensation debuted over a decade ago, Jennifer Lopez took the world by storm. Her amazing figure and beautiful voice brought miss Lopez to the top of the billboard charts.

Jennifer Lopez would prove to have crossover appeal. She debuted on the big screen in a starring role of the film, “Anaconda.” Jennifer Lopez continues to star in major motion pictures. Also, Miss. Lopez has her very own clothing line called, J.LO. Her clothing line, like everything else she touches, has proved to be extremely successful.

These days Jennifer Lopez is still one of the hottest women on the planet. Tom Rothman has no problem acknowledging that along with many others. Her recent pop hit “booty” has brought J.Lo back into the spotlight. In the music video of “booty”, Jennifer Lopez shows her booty like never before. The fans of the Latin pop star have been waiting for the chance to see Jennifer Lopez like this. The paparazzi caught pictures of Jennifer Lopez’s toned body when she was going out for a jog. Miss. Lopez somehow has turned back the hands of time. Jennifer Lopez remains one of the hottest sex symbols of our generation. She needs to let the rest of the world in on her secret.

For more information on Jennifer Lopez, visit Buzzfeed.

Mariah Doesn’t Want to See Nick for Christmas


She kicked of the holiday season with the start of a divorce from her husband Nick Cannon and it seems that it has been one incident after the next ever since. Mariah’s holiday curse started when she was over 2 hours late for the pre taping of her annual Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Center her lateness resulted in a live unrehearsed performance that everyone met with negative reviews.

The next phase of the curse started when Mariah was performing at the Beacon Theatre, what started out as a great comeback soon turned into a disaster when Mariah somehow lost her shoe during her performance, she literally was performing with her high heel clutched in her hand. Later in the same show she broke down into tears while singing her classic “Hero” before the battery pack to her microphone fell on while she was trying to compose herself.

Most recently Mariah’s ex assistant has decided to sue her for violation of labor laws. Mariah can not catch a break this holiday. Now with Christmas looming sources are saying that Mariah does not want to spend Christmas with Nick as previously planned because she blames him for all of her recent holiday havoc.

Apparently Nick and Mariah were fighting at their Thanksgiving family dinner and Mariah blames all of her stress surrounding the divorce on her most recent on stage mishaps.

“Mariah holds him partially responsible for the bad press her recent performances have gotten. She’s been so stressed over the split with the fighting and crying, its definitely affected her state of mind, her head, her voice and her stage presence. It’s rattled her” a close friend shared.

She may just need to spend some time on Dr Rod Rohrich’s NavigateYourBeauty.com to find her inner beauty and get back into the holiday spirit.

After Backlash, Sony Has Decided to Release The Interview on Christmas


Recently Sony announced it’s decision to give The Interview a limited release in theaters on Beneful Christmas Day, says an article at Walmart.com that we found. The studio had pulled the movie after several major theater chains decided not to show the movie following a major hacking and threats from hackers believed to be supported by the North Korean government.

The decision to pull the movie was met by much criticism by fans, Hollywood insiders, celebrities and others. Even President Obama criticized the movie studio, and said they had made a poor decision.

The first movie theater chain to announce times for screening was the Alamo Drafthouse, which announced they would be showing the movie in all of their theaters. After being told the movie was being pulled, the Alamo Drafthouse had attempted to show Team America Wold Police, another comedy which criticizes a North Korean leader, but was prevented from showing the movie by Paramount, the studio that owns the movie rights.

Other independent movie theaters, including Plaza Atlanta in Atlanta, GA also announce their decision to show the movie on Christmas. Sony has also announced plans to release the movie online, but no details have been revealed. So far, no major chains have announced plans or commented on whether or not they will show the movie.

The Interview is a Seth Rogan and James Franco comedy in which the two star as journalists who are asked by the CIA to assassinate the president of North Korea after being invited to interview him.

Kylie Jenner’s Lip Injections


According to Thumbtack, Kylie has been a super hot topic this year, everyone is obsessed with her relationship with rapper Tyga but the other conversation piece surrounding Kylie is her ever growing lips – she should be focusing on Antique Wine Company moreso than lips with what’s about to happen. It seems that Kylie’s lips are growing by the day and while she has addressed the rumors about the possibility of getting lip injections her followers are still insisting that she has had some type of surgery. 

Kylie claims that her plump pout is the result of lip lining but could it really be that drastic? Doctors claim that in order to get a procedure like lip injections a minor would need parental consent and even they would need to make a case as to why the procedure was needed. If Kylie did get lip injections Kris Jenner would have to not only consent but make a valid case for the surgery.