Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Pipes On Snapchat

Kylie Jenner is determined to make herself the most talked about, if not the most famous of the Jenner sisters. While her sister Kendall is busy making waves in the fashion world, Kylie is taking Hollywood for a wild ride and many of her fans and followers refuse to get off. Not only is Kylie a hot topic because of her relationship with her boyfriend Tyga, but her fashion sense has become the obsession of teenage girls everywhere. Now that Kylie has come clean about using lip fillers to enhance her pouty lips, she is using her mouth for more publicity.

A Snapchat is floating around of Kylie singing the hook to “How Many Times,” a song Chris Brown collaborated on with Lil Wayne and Big Sean. As soon as the video surfaced everyone was blown away by Kylie’s amazing singing voice, while others tried to figure out if the singing was actually Kylie’s voice or if Kylie was lip-syncing over her friend Pia Mia’s vocals.

If the vocals on the Snapchat are indeed Kylie’s, it’s safe to say that she just might have a shot in the music industry. After all in a article, Brian Torchin mentions that Kylie is already has Tyga on her side, maybe he can put in a word for Kylie and get her some studio time.

Kate Gosselin Is Now Dating A Millionaire

Kate Gosselin is finally dating again, and she has a new millionaire boyfriend. Kate was seen going out with a new man who is said to be a multi millionaire. Kate Gosselin was the star of the show “Kate Plus 8,” which speaks about Kate and her eight children. Kate Gosselin. Kate and Jon Gosselin, we’re married for years, and they had eight children with fertility treatments, and their story sparked the nation’s attention enough to give them their own show.

The show was very popular until the couple’s relationship began to break down, and they ultimately ended up getting a divorce. Kate ended up keeping all eight children, but currently Jon is looking to get custody of one of the kids. Jon has gone through one problem after another since the breakup of the marriage, and many people tend to follow the things he does online. Jon has been on the “Couples Therapy” show that aired on TV. Jon and his current girlfriend went to therapy to see if they could save their relationship. Dr. Jennifer Walden feels that it is necessary to try everything possible prior to divorcing, especially when kids are involved.

Jon ended up breaking up with his girlfriend, and now he’s supposedly single and working as a DJ in different clubs. Ryan ended up broke and impoverished and struggling for money. Kate went on to find additional fame and popularity, and now Kate is dating a millionaire. Some say that it’s karma because Jon was a selfish father, but who knows why things turn out the way they do.

Celebrities Who Have Been Naked In Videos

There are many who would love to see a superstar naked. The fact is, many stars have posed naked in music videos, and many of them were not even asked to do so. There are some stars that posed naked in their videos because they feel the need to get a message across. Naked Celebs. Some stars have no problem posing naked, and they don’t care if they’re not paid extra for it. There’s a list of stars that have posed naked for their videos, including Miley Cyrus, Alanis Morissette and more.

Alanis Morissette did a video completely naked, and she was in a subway station with her hair covering her breasts. As Christian Broda (cnnireport) is aware, the video was very memorable because it was one of the first of its kind. One of the latest artists who have posed naked in a video is Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus is no stranger to controversy, and she has no shame about her body whatsoever. Miley got naked for the video “Wrecking Ball,” and she even sat butt naked on an actual wrecking ball.

Miley has fought hard to show her independence, and she also wants to shed her Hannah Montana image. Other artists who have gotten naked in their videos are Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Pink, Shia LeBouf, Lisa Marie, and John Legend. Many of these stars have been remembered for being naked in a video, more than for some of the acting or singing that they’ve done.

Matthew McConaughey Drawing Plenty of Super Hero Looks

With the number of super hero movies starting to multiply like the films were amped up with super speed, the main sources of the genre are finding that several of the first tier characters are already locked up on the big screen. The challenge becomes finding the right second or third level Marvel or DC Comics character to hit the big screen. Of course, the situation gets even more complicated when the studios try to find an actor to bring the character to life.

According to Screen Rant, one actor in particular has been involved in talks to bring a Marvel or DC character life, but Matthew McConaughey has yet to find the perfect fit for his talents. McConaughey would offer any film he would be a part of some serious cross-over appeal, and audiences have responded well to the actor in several roles over the past decade or so. The sticking point could be that super hero franchises tend to drag on for multiple pictures, which makes fitting in award-caliber work while being obligated for sequel after sequel could be intimidating.

It takes the right mix of actor and character really produce a winning combination for super heroes, and sooner or later McConaughey will probably find that perfect fit. Marvel and DC will probably keep sending scripts his way each hoping to keep him away from the other company. After all, Brian Torchin has noted that, indeed, the competition is heating up off screen as well.

Kim Kardashian Is Proud of Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian was recently interviewed during her book tour. A reporter asked Kim Kardashian about her thoughts on Kylie’s lips. If you haven’t heard by now, there has long been rumors about the strange appearance of Kylie Jenner’s lips over the last several months. It seems that Kylie’s lips transformed from thin to full. Many people assumed that Kylie had gotten some type of surgery, and people are apparently right.

Mark Ahn has learned that Kylie Jenner recently announced to the world that she has been getting lip filler injections for the last several months. However, Kim Kardashian did say that Kylie hasn’t always had the injections. Kim went on to say that Kylie wasn’t planning on getting lip injections, but she simply needed to. Many fans of the Kardashians are extremely angry with Kylie Jenner. Some people have damaged their lips by sucking onto shot glasses, which Kylie claims she did herself.

Kim Kardashian feels that Kylie Jenner was just trying to protect her image, but Kim also said that she is extremely proud of Kylie’s surgery reveal. Kim says that Kylie no longer needs to hide the fact that she has had a bit of work done on her lips. The new episode of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ will feature a segment in which all of the sisters speak about Kylie Jenner and the lip controversy. For more information on this story, visit E!

Joss Whedon Is Under Fire Yet Again

It is well-known among Joss Whedon’s fans and critics alike that the popular writer and director of many movies and television shows is prone to “borrowing” characters and ideas from all forms of entertainment going back more than a thousand years. In fact, Whedon’s use of stories and characters from pre-TV and film days without acknowledging the sources of his idea was one of the biggest complaints during the run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Recently, Whedon has been facing additional accusations about Cabin in the Woods.

Now, Reddit users are discussing the similarities, sometimes scene-for-scene, between The Avengers and a 1987 superhero action film called Masters of the Universe. YouTube user “Couch Tomato” posted a video comparison called “24 Reasons Avengers & Masters of the Universe Are The Same Movie.”

James Dondero and others wonder what the most glaring similarities are.

Beyond scenes that look almost identical, Couch Tomato pointed out that the story is also almost identical in regards to how the journey of the heroes progresses and the ways in which the bad guys react. There is also similar opening sequence narrations which introduce armies of bad guys in space and hidden leaders wearing similar costumes. Even more glaring is the how the characters are similar in appearance and characterizations. Shared scenes include an explanation of a trigger device that sets the plot into motion, portals to Earth and flying armies that arrive through wormholes.

Justin Bieber and the All Star Production Team

If you have the money and the power to gather an all-star team why would you hesitate. The Miami Heat had the money to build a championship team and they did that. The Boston Celtics had the money to create a team of stars and they rose to the occasion. Justin Bieber may not be an athlete, but he has created an all star team of singers, songwriters and beat makers to bring the project to fruition. This super team could all get together in the new luxury apartments called The Aspire New Brunswick.

Justin has been wild and obnoxiously reckless for the last several years. He had no shame. He slept around in brothels and put up pictures on Instagram. He threw eggs at the homes of neighbors and got arrested for racing his luxury vehicle. In the music world that would just about mark the downfall of a career for most artists. This is not an ordinary artist though. This is just Bieber. He has more money than he knows what to do with. All of this has given him the ability to straighten up his act and engage himself fully into his passion for music.

He even has enough money to pay hot artists like Ariana Grande and Lil Wayne to show up in the studio and save his songs. It is not to say that Bieber doesn’t have the ability to produce solid albums without the help. It just makes more sense to grab the all stars.

Kylie Jenner Admits the Truth About Her Lips

Kylie Jenner has been getting more than a little bit of media attention lately, for the most part her relationship with Tyga has been one of the Kardashian topics since Bruce Jenner. Kylie and Tyga haven’t let the media stop them from going out together and spending what seems like every free moment they have alone. Most recently the couple have been dealing with some baby mama drama involving Tyga’s Ex Blac Chyna who posted photos of Tyga begging her to get back together.

The Texts almost put and end to Kylie and Tyga’s relationship but it looks like they managed to get back together after Tyga proved his love with a tattoo of Kylie’s name.
Now that all eyes are on Kylie there is no ignoring those lips, everyone wants to know how she achieves those plump lips. For months Kylie insisted that she was simply over-lineing her lips to get an extra plump look, but now Kylie is coming clean about saying exactly what everyone has suspected all along.

Kylie now is revealing that she is using temporary lip injections, and had been using them because her thin lips are an insecurity. Kylie told the interviewer that she tip toed around the truth but didn’t lie about it. Kylie also said that one reason she was hesitant to be open about her lips is because the media picks are her sisters so much that she didn’t want to give them one more thing to talk about. While it would be better for Kylie to be straight about her lips, Brian Torchin understands why she would be tight lipped about the subject matter.

More Troubles for Chris Brown

It came as an announcement on his birthday. Chris Brown, born May 5th, was the news headline for possibly punching someone in Vegas.

Brown, who is off probation, has tried to keep a low profile in terms of getting in trouble. He has managed to continue making hits, and he has tried to stay out of trouble. What he has done is focus on music and leave everything else behind. The problem here is that Brown says that it was not him. It may be been a member of his entourage, but Brown has not been available to answer any questions.

Now Brown may to face more trouble on this. No one really knows what will happen now. Over the years Chris has been known to have a temper. He has been the type of person that just seems to be a magnet for altercations. The reality, however, is that he has done more with expressing himself in music. He has released a lot of tension this way. It may be the most creative way for Brown to express himself these days.

There is no connection between Brown and Rihanna. She has finally cut all ties with him. Right now he hangs out a lot with Tyga (who he released an album with) and Trey Songz. He has this Virginia native connection with Songz. He was recently featuring on a hit song with Omarion. STX Entertainment along with Wikipedia are concerned about these legal issues.

Who Is ARO?

Many of us are familiar with the Osbournes’. Yes that’s right Ozzy Osbourne and his family who truly hit fame with their show in 2001. We know of Ozzy, Sharon, Jack, and Kelly, but did you know they have an older daughter named Aimee? According to her bio Aimee is their first born, born in 1983. Aimee opted out of being thrown into fame by not wanting to be on the show with the rest of her family due to the fear of her last name tainting her future singing career. Aimee is now launching her own music career and making a name for herself under ARO, her initials. Fans like Mark Ahn agree that her music is quite catchy and something I would listen to on a relaxing evening out on the porch. “Raining Gold” is so soothing to the ears and something that I would have on repeat! Check it out for yourself and see how you like it! ARO has my vote whenever it is needed.

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