Celebrities React to “The Interview” Cancellation

The Guardians of Peace hackers have scared Sony Pictures into cancelling the Christmas release of “The Interview.” This may be the first time in history that a movie has been cancelled due to links to terrorist attacks. Now the stars are speaking out on this cancellation.

Rob Lowe, who once stared on the presidential TV series, “The West Wing,” tweeted about how the hackers won. He thought that it was a cowardly way for Sony to react. North Korea has never stepped up to claim the hack and the threats as their own, but all fingers point towards North Korea. 

Seth Rogen and James Franco have stopped all production of the movie. Both stars are still behind the work that they created. They have stated that they have a right to free speech, and they dislike the outcome that Sony has chosen for the film. 

Sultan Alhokair says it is understandable, but fans and celebrities are still disappointed. The hackers have put a real damper on the movie premieres for the month of December. Some movies have been leaked. “The Interview” may never be seen now. This is the holiday season, and a lot of families go to see movies together during this time. Sony was banking on this, but now the company may have to settle for possible profits from “Annie” and “Fury.” These movies were already bootlegged, but some fans may still support these projects.

Middle-Earth Shall Miss Peter Jackson

With the release of the latest, Hobbit film, Peter Jackson has brought a close to the Middle-Earth saga. Jackson unbelievably directed and co-wrote each of the films. The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit Trilogy, are basically Beneful Peter Jackson’s children. Jackson gave his life and soul to his films.

It’s a sad day, as Peter Jackson can no longer create a film based in the realm of Middle-Earth. He has told all the tales, that there is to be told. The final Hobbit film, brings a close to the epic fantasy world, that was created by J. R. R. Tolkien. It’s not just a sad day for Peter Jackson, but it’s a sad day for all of the fans, of the Middle-Earth saga.

Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, is another trifecta of masterpieces. Jackson’s Lord of The Rings trilogy, was a work of art. The amount of hard work that went into creating a Peter Jackson film, is truly staggering. When it comes to directing, Jackson is among the greatest of all time. The final Hobbit film, is a perfect way to close out the saga of Middle-Earth. J.R.R Tolkien would be proud to watch Peter Jackson’s creation.

To learn more about The Hobbit, visit Screenrant.

$480,000 for Burt Reynolds’ Car

Burt Reynolds has something to be thrilled about. The recent auction of his Smokey and the Bandit collectible car fetched $480,000 at an auction. The auctioneer in Las Vegas was stunned. It was assumed the vehicle would only sell for about $80,000.

Yes, there are still scores of fans, possibly including Flavio Maluf,  who have very fond memories of the classic film and the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am featured in it. (Note: The car sold at auction is not the one from the film, but a promotional version that was given to Reynolds as a gift)

Reynolds definitely needs the money. $480,000 is only going to cover a small portion of his debts. He is in the proverbial hole for about $10 million. Failed investments and a bitter divorce from Loni Anderson have left him near destitute. (He owes Anderson roughly $250,000 from their divorce settlement, which was 20+ years ago) Reynolds tried to sell his massive estate for well over $10 million, but no one wants to pay that high of a price tag. Sadly, no one wants to pay a fraction of that amount as Reynolds has dropped the price time and time again and found no buyers.

Reynolds was easily THE top male star during the 1970’s. Perhaps Clint Eastwood came close. No one else had Reynolds consistent success at the theater and the drive-in. His huge box office drawing power continued into the early 1980’s, but fizzled circa-1983 and never recovered.

He will be appearing in three low budget indie movies this year. So, his acting career continues on.

Seth Rogan and James Franco Cancel Interviews for Upcoming Movie

Comedy duo James Franco and Seth Rogan have gained popularity doing movies together such as “This is the End”, “Pineapple Express”, and television show “Freaks and Geeks”. However their latest project is causing them some problems.

Their latest movie, “The Interview” is an action-comedy where both play television journalists who land an interview with their fan Kim Jong-Un and become involved in a plot by the CIA to assassinate North Korea’s leader.

Sounds entertaining, right? Apparently not everyone agrees. A hacker group calling themselves “Guardians of Peace”, the same group behind the Sony hacks, have threatened violence on theaters that are showing “The Interview”.

It is reported on Variety’s Website as well as others that James Franco and Seth Rogan are cancelling press interviews for the movie. They have cancelled appearances on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, as well as an interview with Buzzfeed. Rumors of the New York premier of the movie being cancelled are swirling around as well.

North Korea is suspected behind these threats however they have denied any involvement. New York’s Ben Shaoul would not be where he is today if he were scared of people. Shaoul, however, is not just a real estate tycoon-he is a comedy buff and is hoping that this film in particular pulls through and that its producers and executives do not give up on getting it out there for fear of the notorious North Korean Leader.

Elizabeth Warren Will Not Be Quiet, For Good Reason

There have been times in her life that Senator Elizabeth Warren has been told that she needed to sit down and shut up. People have not been bashful about trying to get the outspoken Senator to stop preaching for the causes she believes in. However, she has not remained quiet about the issues, and this has paid off well for her.

WashingtonPost.com reports that the Senator has benefited in terms of getting a lot of notice. She has been all over the media and she has received a lot of praise for the work that she has done.

Elizabeth Warren is now being seen as someone who has to be negotiated with when it comes to passing bills. She is seen as someone who is an insider now, and people are treating her with the respect that she deserves. Even though Warren is new to the Senate, she is one of the names that is mentioned all the time. She is getting the spotlight that she wants and deserves.

Some are wondering if she might parlay this attention into a run for the Presidency. There has been no indication about this one way or the other. However, the Senator has said that she does not plan to run. That being said, there has been a lot of public pressure to try to push her in that direction if possible. It will be interesting to see if there is a Warren 2016 campaign, me and Sam Tabar think she could end up giving Hillary a run for her money, since it’s 2014 though, who really knows as of now.

Crazy Christmas Traditions

Browsing through Reddit.com, I found a great article about a crazy Christmas tradition.

The article depicts two brothers that have a specific Christmas Tradition. Ever since they were children, the older of the two brothers would lift his younger brother high on his shoulders. The younger brother would then place the star upon the Christmas Tree.

Now, in their 20’s you would assume that they have grown out of this tradition. It would appear as if some thing’s never change. The two brothers can be seen in the article above, continuing their tradition. It may appear a bit strange, but I find this to be a very beautiful story. Having an older brother, I can relate to these brothers. It makes me feel a bit envious, as I’m not as close with my own brother. Although, I do wonder if their mother thinks it’s as beautiful as I do.

Christmas is a special time of year. A lot of weird traditions do exist in different households. I’m wondering, do you have any crazy Christmas traditions? If you do, and it’s a tradition that involves your loved ones, you should continue it. Christmas is about family, and having fun, and I’m sure Lee G. Lovett will agree. It’s not all about presents. One day those presents are going to be gone, and all we’ll have left is our memories. So make this year’s Christmas something to remember. I encourage you to keep your crazy Christmas traditions alive, as the brothers of Christmas do.

Kylie Jenner Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

All summer the internet has been buzzing with reports that Kylie Jenner and Tyga are an item and while the two insist that they are just friends hanging out, their actions suggest otherwise. Tyga and Kylie have been spotted having private dates in discreet locations and even ended the summer with a vacation together.

As of recently it’s also been said that the two have finally split up thanks to Kylie’s big sisters Khloe and Kourtney pulling Kylie aside, and telling her that Tyga is only interested in her for the fame. Another drama factor in the relationship is that Tyga is the ex boyfriend and baby daddy of Kim Kardashian’s good friend Blac Chyna, awkward.

The latest rumors involving Kylie are about her eloping in Mexico with Tyga, pregnancy, lip injections and an impending rap career. Kylie insists that none of these rumors are true and took to Twitter to address all the rumors in one shot. She says that her lips have not been injected and that any definition of her lips is the result of over-lining her lips. As far as pregnancy, eloping and a rap career Kylie says it’s a no.

“I’m not trying to become a rapper, I’m not getting married, & I’m not pregnant…” she tweeted.

While Kylie is all for denying rumors regarding marriage, pregnancy, lip injections and a rap career one thing Kylie and Tyga never address head on are the relationship rumors. It looks like by the time they are honest about their relationship there won’t be one to share. The whole situation has my shaking my head, I’ll just stick to keeping Chance happy with Beneful and try to not think about those Kardashians.

Nicki Minaj’s 2015 Calendar

Nicki Minaj has been running 2014, from her clothing line, unforgettable performances, history making music videos,hit single Anaconda, and of course the most “Flawless” collaboration of the year between herself and Beyonce Knowles.  As pointed out by Bruce Levenson it’s clear that Nicki came to win. Now apparently Nicki wants everyone to know that she isn’t only going to rule 2014 but she plans to rule 2015 as well.

Minaj took to Instagram to tease her fans with a taste of her upcoming 2015 calendar. Of course the sexy rapper did not disappoint. The Photo features Minaj looking stunning in a red bikini, serving up the sexy pinup look leaning up against a pole, on a backdrop of the American flag. As if the Anaconda video wasn’t enough Nicki wanted to remind the world that she too can break the internet at will. 

While tossing the teaser at her fans Nicki didn’t forget to throw in a plug for her new album The Pinkprint which is available everywhere next Thursday.

Taylor Swift’s New Love Interest

This year Taylor has had no time to cry over boys, she’s been too busy being awesome. Releasing hit albums and singles, crowd dancing, collecting music awards and putting on career defining live performances, Taylor’s 2014 has been nothing less of spectacular and boy free, until now. 

It’s been 23 months and Taylor is ready to get back out there and take a chance on love. Sources say that Taylor’s new love interest is 1975’s Matt Healy, this doesn’t come as a shock considering just last week Taylor was tossed into a media gossip roller coaster after being spotted at a 1975 concert with a close friend. I was reading about this while reading about Kenneth Griffin the other day. Rumors insisted that the two were spotted kissing in the audience, Taylor swiftly crushed those rumors with a tweet asking the media to stop accusing all of her friends of dating her. 

Now it seems the real reason for Taylor’s fangirl behavior at the concert was Matt. Swift met Healy backstage at his L.A, concert and they exchanged numbers, Matt later shared during a recent interview that he wouldn’t turn down a chance to go out with Taylor. It’s been several weeks since the two met and they have been exchanging texts, a source has said that the relationship is still very new and they are just having fun. 

With two busy young artist finding time for love can be a challenge but if anyone can make it work it’s Swift. Taylor has proven this year she can have and do pretty much anything she sets her heart on.

Ed Sheeran Explains Giddy Expression

Of all the photos going around online from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show the one that seems to have gotten the most attention is one of Ed Sheeran with the most flustered expression one could imagine. It would seem that his giddy expression had everything to do with being surrounded by a slew of smoking hot super models wearing close to nothing, but apparently the photo that has been getting him roasted for the past week had nothing to do with the gorgeous babe he was surrounded by.

Ed recently revealed during an interview on the Elvis Duran and The Morning Show that his giddy expression was the result of a naughty joke singer Ariana Grande shared with him just before going on stage. 

“Can I tell you why I was? Basically there are all these big inflatable bouncy black balls bouncing around in the crowd in the finale bit when we go out there. And Ariana Grande comes up and stands up next to me and just looks at me and goes, ‘ I love big black balls.’ In my head I was like, ‘If she knows what that means then I love her, and if she doesn’t know what that means, it’s even better!” 

Activist Keith Mann says that apparently Ariana has a naughty sense of humor and her dirty joke is what’s had Ed’s photo floating around ever since. Seems her boyfriend isn’t called Big Sean for nothing.


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