Joseph Bismarck is Bringing Spirituality into the Workplace

As a Generation X thirty-something, I have done a number of jobs in my life. I have worked as a retail store clerk, a general laborer building shelves, an elementary teacher, an ESL teacher, a minister, a rare coin dealer, and a freelance writer. For me, morale in the workplace is a fairly important ideal, even when my “workplace” has only been myself. Can you imagine how important it must be then when a dozen or more people are working together and trying to share the same space? Yes, very important indeed. As a freelancer, I am always looking for new approaches to things. I stumbled across an interesting article about an individual named Joseph Bismark on a blog called Just Judy and her Dog.

Joseph Bismark is an interesting individual indeed. Growing up in the Philippines, you could definitely say that Joseph did not have a typical upbringing. At the ripe old age of nine, Joseph decided to become a monk in the Philippine countryside, living in an ashram until he was seventeen years of age. When he returned to his family, he announced that he wanted to enter the business world. As an entrepreneur, Bismark’s life work has been to join the world of spirituality together with the business world. I found it refreshing that in the normal cutthroat world of business Mr. Bismark held the belief that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.”

Mr. Bismark became the managing director of the QI Group of Companies and also founded a company he called QNET. Bismark has been very successful, but at the same time his unique approach to business has endeared him to many of his employees because of the fact that he teaches that although material success is a blessing, it is only a temporary thing.

I found Mr. Bismark’s unique method of blending business and spirituality a refreshing respite from the normal method of society where it is dog-eat-dog and every man for himself. His books, seminars, and speaking engagements attempt to promote his methodology to other people, and it is my hope and prayer that he is successful in his endeavors.

When To See A Professional Psychiatry

It is normal to experience ups and downs in your life. However, when the downward trend is more than upward, you should be concerned because something may not be right. In such cases you need to consult a professional psychiatry to attend to you and offer treatment. The doctors treat individuals with disorders like depression, drug and alcohol abuse and anxiety. Learn some possible reasons why you may need to see psychiatry.

Anxiety and stress
It’s normal to feel stressed and exhausted based on your work. If you have a new job that has more responsibilities and targets, or family obligations are pushing you to the limits; then, things might not work well for you. In this case, you need psychiatry to diagnose your problems. The expert will advice and even prescribe some medications to help you cope and overcome your problems. The expert you hire must fit in to your needs to be able to solve them.

Substance and drug abuse
Life is full of trying moments that even worry and stress the most relaxed individuals. Sometimes, you feel like it’s too much to cope with life and the only source of relief is alcohol. Alcohol and drugs normally makes people forget their woes for a while. The worse thing is that you’ll have to come to reality at some time. It may be too late for you to recover on your own. In such instances, you need to consult psychiatry to help you get back on track.

Mental disorder
This is a situation where a person is detached from reality. You may not realize it on your own but other family members and friend will realize it. In some cases, people become violent and can threaten others even those close to them. Such people need to see a professional psychiatry to assess their situations and offer the best solutions that would make them recover after some time.

If you are always sad and not willing to get out of bed anymore, you need a doctor in the psychiatry field to handle your case. A qualified physician will diagnose you to get assurance that you have a problem or not. People are affected by some events in their lives like death of close family members and this may lead to depression. If you are not able to overcome the situation after a long time, then you need to consult psychiatry.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a recognized psychiatry and believes that proper functioning of brain is central to health and success. He suggests that when the brain works right, the work will be right; and when brain has problem then you have possibility of having trouble in your life. His goal is to help you have better brains and better lives. His clinics have the largest database in the world concerning brain scans related to behavior. He is the right specialist to consult when you have a problem with your brains.

Offering a Helping Hand Gets Worker Fired

It seems like no one can do anything nice for anyone anymore. A man who worked at Homejoy was fired for paying a fee for a driver. The fee was only $5. The reason the worker paid the fee was because he didn’t charge the driver enough when he came through the toll a few weeks before paying the fee. When the worker caught his mistake, he decided to pay for the fees from his own money. He didn’t ask the company for any kind of help. Instead, he took it upon himself to cover the difference and let the situation rest. However, the company found out, and the man was fired. This is a man who once gave candy to children who were in cars that came through the tollbooth. Now, it seems like managers don’t want their workers admitting mistakes. They simply want to get rid of them so that they can hire someone younger.

‘Subway’ Personality Jared Is Being Investigated By The FBI

Jared Fogle is world famous for his amazing weight loss that he accomplished by eating Subway sandwiches. People around the world look up to Jared Fogle, and it’s not without reason. At one point in his life, Jared Fogle weighed over 300 lbs, but his Dubway diet helped him shed the pounds at an astonishing rate. Jared has become a superstar, and it’s thanks to his amazing weight loss feat. Unfortunately, it seems that Jared is currently stuck in the middle of an extremely controversial situation.

Jared Fogle is currently being investigated by the FBI, but it has nothing to do with his personal activities. However, it was recently revealed on E! that the president of the Jared foundation was arrested for charges that were related to pornography. The entire situation is very disgusting, but Jared Fogle has complied with the FBI at every step of the way.

As of right now, it seems that Jared Fogle is most likely innocent of any crimes, but Brad Reifler says that Subway has decided to suspend their promotion of Jared. This means that commercials featuring Jared Fogle will not be aired until this entire mess has blown over. People around the world are hoping that Jared Fogle did not commit any crimes similar to the ones mentioned above.

How Kim Kardashian Managed To Never Get Caught Without Underwear

While Kim may be four months pregnant with her second child, she is proving that she can still move and shake with the best of them. Just last week Kim was spotted out and about shopping in London, and was photographed with her good friend Serena Wiliams. From the looks of it Serena was in love with Kim’s baby bump, and could not keep her hands off. Kim hasn’t slowed down in her jet setting, but it seems like she can’t go to the airport these days without being photographed in compromising situations. Kim broke the internet when she emerged at LAX in a too tiny shirt, and ended up showing more cleavage than she intended.

As if her tiny shirt wasn’t revealing enough, Kim was photographed again just days later in a black shirt that was so see through that Kim’s nipples were exposed completely once the paparazzi camera’s flash light hit her. Now that Kim is being over exposed on a daily basis, the question of how she has managed to keep her nether regions from being exposed all of these years is on the table.

Jaime Garcia Dias noted that during her interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Kim shared the trick to keeping her privates a secret during her wild and crazy nights out with Paris and Lindsay, is that unlike them she wasn’t drinking. Seems easy enough, but anyone who remembers Paris Hilton and Lindsay’s hard partying days, remembers that the turn up was extremely real and toxic. It’s interesting to know that Kim was never one of the drinkers in the bunch.

Tyga Owes Ex Landlord Over $100k

This week Tyga had some great moments, not only was he enjoying family time with the Kardashians when he accompanied Kylie in Cannes, but he also performed in the BET. Kylie was not with Tyga at the awards ceremony but she was with him when she showed up late to a nightclub appearance and ended up in a fist fight with the owner. With a week so full of high notes and excitement you would think Tyga is on top of the world. Oddly while Tyga was making waves all over social media, his ex landlord was making waves in the courthouse.

Apparently Tyga owes more than $100k in rent that he skipped out on at his old home in Calabasas. He was ordered by a judge to settle for $80,000 by the given deadline or he would have to pay the full $124,000 with no breaks. Oddly to Sam Tabar all of these things are happening while Tyga is showing up late to club appearances, it would seem that he should be more interested in making money, but he doesn’t seem to pressed about being in debt.

So far no word on Tyga’s case or if he actually paid, hopefully he has squared everything away with the landlord. If Tyga is strapped for cash, he can always borrow it from Kylie, but that won’t go over well with Kris Jenner who already is not impressed with Tyga’s bank statements.

Kim Kardashian Maternity Bras

Every girl needs a good go to full coverage bra, our bodies may all be different but any woman with ample breasts knows the struggle of flimsy bras at the wrong time. Being pregnant is one of the hardest times to buy a bra, because your breasts are constantly changing. One minute you are a comfortable C cup and the next a DD, it is both confusing and frustrating to accommodate an ever changing pair of breasts. Kim Kardashian knows better than everyone these days that finding a good bra is one hard thing to deal for a woman to tackle.

Recently Kim was making her way through LAX on her way to Cannes, when her super tiny shirt refused to stay put, her cleavage was more than exposed, and of course photogs were snapping away the entire time. Once the photos hit the internet, it actually looked as if Kim wasn’t wearing a shirt at all. She was holding her jacket together, and trying to pull her top up at the same time and still the world got a full shot of her breasts said Zeca Oliveira.

It’s no shock to see Kim was shopping for bras this weekend in London at Rigby & Peller. Apparently Kim took some time to go to the shop and look for a some much needed support for her growing breasts, of course Kim is still keeping it sexy in her second trimester so she’s not looking for just anything to hold the girls up. Kim should totally write the book on maternity wear, for sexy moms on the go.

Man Ticketed for Warning Drivers of Speed Trap

Are you able to exercise your first amendment rights and warn people about a police speed trap? Not the universal flashing headlights you typically see, but a sign held up warn oncoming cars? Not in Seattle according to

Daniel Gehlke made a sign on a Rubbermaid lid that read “Cops Ahead!,” and about five minutes later a cop was writing him a citation for $138.

“I’m with the Seattle Police Department and I’m informing you that the sign is against the law,” said Officer Elliott.

Gehlke inquired about the specific law he’d broken and the police officer explained that Gehlke had a “forbidden devices or sign.” According to the officer, Seattle law prohibits people from holding informational signs that say ‘stop’ or ‘turn’, or gives directions.

Apparently, that’s prohibited. “I believe it’s complete nonsense,” said Gehlke. “Clearly my hand written sign is not a stop sign and they are overstepping.”

Gehlke plans on having his day in court to fight the citation. And he intends on holding the Rubbermaid sign – and omitting “stop” to make the police happy.

A Diddy Dally You Could Call It

One might say that Diddy has got himself into a dally. You could call it a Diddy dally if you’d like. The notorious hip hop mongrel, I mean mogul was was in trouble after a fight that occurred with coach of a College football team named UCLA. I guess did he thought debt he had the right to get into a fight with a coach at UCLA’s athletic facility. Justin combs the Sun of duty is a defensive back on UCLA’s team. This new charge which unfortunately will probably just add to his popularity was assault with a deadly weapon. and no it wasn’t his rapping it was a kettle-bell.Luckily there were no injuries which were serious . Sources report that Diddy is behind bars at UCLA’s campus jail. According to Jaime Garcia Dias look for more from UCLA’s Director of Media Relations as he told USA Today when facts are sorted from fiction they will be available. Some thought that this happened because coaches were using a screaming tough tactic. This tactic was used while his son Justin practiced. Diddy happened to be watching. Allegedly he decided to grab the coach in his office to question his strength and conditioning exercise. looks like Daddy will need to learn a little strength and conditioning to help him exercise a better temper in the future himself. hopefully this is a learning lesson for all involved.

Kylie Jenner Creepy Fan Drama Caught On Camera

As i Kylie Jenner’s Instagram beef with Blac Chyna has taught people nothing, it looks like she is still letting the world know that she is not the girl to mess with. Lately Kylie has had to develop some tough skin, she’s young, rich and famous, someone somewhere is always have something to say and that is just a cross she will have to bare. After admitting to using temporary fillers to enhance her lips, it seemed like social media was ready to stone Kylie for daring to do anything to alter her looks. Brad Reifler says Kylie now has to be careful with everything she says and does, because everything can be turned into her next reason for trending on the internet.

This week while out doing some shopping, Kylie had to put a rude fan in his place. When she arrived to her car a man was waiting there to record her, video of the incident shows Kylie as she arrives to her car with bag in her hands as the man proceeds to continually ask her “What that mouth do,” without bothering to even look the crazy guy in the face Kylie tells him to “Get the F**K out of my face,” and opens her car door as if he didn’t even exist.

Clearly Kylie is used to things like this happening, because she didn’t appear to be bothered or shaken one bit. Even if crazy men with cameras is the norm, most 17 year old girls would be a little scared for their safety.

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